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English News Archive
High court rejects petitions for recovery of MQM missing workers for non-compliance - Altaf Hussain
16 Sep 2022     Views: 175
Altaf Hussain's Question to the COAS Qamar Bajwa,how can the army of any country keep this country
15 Sep 2022     Views: 192
MQM Co-ordination Committee Video Briefing Over Brutal Extra Judicial Killings of 3 Missing Workers Of MQM 14 Sep,2022
14 Sep 2022     Views: 222
Three missing MQM workers were brutally killed extra-judicially
14 Sep 2022     Views: 271

Tortured bodies of Irfan Bisarat, Abid Abbasi and Waseem Akhtar were dumped in different parts of Sindh.

15 days of enforced disappearance of Nisar Panhwar but no action from Sindh High Court Altaf Hussain
13 Sep 2022     Views: 207
MQM Coordination Committee Video Briefing on Nine Zero Fire with Investigative report -12 Sep, 2022
12 Sep 2022     Views: 240
Mysterious fire erupts at MQM’s sealed Nine Zero headquarters
10 Sep 2022     Views: 242
KARACHI: A mysterious fire erupted at the sealed headquarters of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, popularly known as Nine Zero, in Azizabad in the small hours of Friday morning due to what officials described as an electric short-circuit.
Nine Zero: Fire erupts at MQM’s former headquarters in Karachi
10 Sep 2022     Views: 299
MQM Canada Protest against illegal Abduction Nisar Panhwar and 90 fire 09-09-2022
09 Sep 2022     Views: 77
MQM's head office Nine Zero was set on fire deliberately, Altaf Hussain 09-09-2022
09 Sep 2022     Views: 259
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