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English News Archive
On the occasion of the T20 Cricket World Cup in Melbourne, Australia, the fans chanted in favor of MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain heated up the atmosphere.
13 Nov 2022     Views: 102
On Sunday, October 13, the final match of the T20 Cricket World Cup was held in Melbourne, Australia, and thousands of fans participated. MQM flags were also hoisted on which MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain's name was written.
Zikr-e- Mustafa in Mississauga Organized By: MQM Canada GTA Chapter Nov 10,2022
10 Nov 2022     Views: 87
06 Nov 2022     Views: 30
Hundreds of MQM-affiliated people, office bearers, workers, sympathisers attended

MQM founder Mr. Altaf Hussain was addressed this gathering through phone  

MQM UK Women Wing Organized Mehfil-e-Milad at Watling Community Centre London - 05 November 2022
05 Nov 2022     Views: 127
Until the interference of corrupt Generals in politics ends, true democracy cannot be established in the country, Altaf Hussain
31 Oct 2022     Views: 152
Where is freedom of expression,freedom of speech, freedom of politics and assembly?
28 Oct 2022     Views: 160
MQM South Africa Important Video Briefing
26 Oct 2022     Views: 161
MQM founder leader Mr Altaf Hussain congratulated to all on the festival of Diwali
25 Oct 2022     Views: 156
Founder and leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has congratulated to all on the festival of Diwali.In his message on twitter, Mr Hussain said that Happy Diwali to all Hindu Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, elders and children across the world.
Altaf hussain Bhai Always look after all of us like father. That's why we called him Father of Mohajir Nation 25-10-2022
25 Oct 2022     Views: 166
MQM Founder & Leader Altaf Hussain Bhai Routine Activity Glimpse at Grocery Store
23 Oct 2022     Views: 161
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