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English News Archive
On the occasion of QeT Altaf Hussain Bhai's 70th birthday, the RC, CEC, and all Overseas organisers will hold a live video briefing.
13 Sep 2023     Views: 266
Loyalists workers of PTI, please always remain loyal with Imran Khan- Altaf Hussain
11 Sep 2023     Views: 237
Family members of Army Generals are involved in crimes but they are considered above the law. What happened to famous Actress Shabnam by the sons of generals and other high officials - Altaf Hussain
08 Sep 2023     Views: 212
Action will be taken against the army officers along with politicians responsible for the smuggling
06 Sep 2023     Views: 262
If Pakistan is to be saved, the corrupt feudal system must be abolished- Altaf Hussain
04 Sep 2023     Views: 221
Sugar mafia and corrupt politicians are involved in sugar smuggling- Altaf Hussain
04 Sep 2023     Views: 237
03 Sep 2023     Views: 275
The people of Pakistan are being robbed by the two percent elite of the country under the aegis of Pakistan military top brasses.The puppet previous and incumbent interim set-up has levied multiple taxes of which certain taxes are even without titles such as further and extra taxes. These draconian taxes are collected from the people of the country through electricity bills. The military, paramilitary Rangers, Police and court have connived in this daylight robbery.
Altaf Hussain’s live Address on Electricity, Petrol and Diesel price hike
01 Sep 2023     Views: 241
It is completely unfair to blame the events of May 9th 2023 on Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain
30 Aug 2023     Views: 251
People of Pakistan including Karachi should demonstrate unity against high electric bills - Altaf Hussain
25 Aug 2023     Views: 246
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