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English News Archive
Military establishment, top brasses, senior officials responsible for Murree tragedy: Altaf Hussain
08 Jan 2022     Views: 87
India's independence in 1947 was incomplete: Altaf Hussain "Special Lecture on "India's Incomplete Independence"
07 Jan 2022     Views: 80
MQM Coordination Committee Video Briefing Over Conspiracy Planned by Military Establishment Against Sindhi Mohajir Unity- 23-12-2021
23 Dec 2021     Views: 213
The detachment and prejudice of the journalists' associations about brutal torture on Faisal Mujeeb and Mehboob Chishti by Rangers is a matter of concern for all the people of Sindh. Tariq Jawaid
21 Dec 2021     Views: 211

Pakistan's terror-sponsoring, ghoulish military has handed occupied territories of Sindh, Balochistan to China on the pretext of CPEC: Altaf Hussain
19 Dec 2021     Views: 212
MQM Coordination Committee Video Briefing Over Bilawal Zardari Nortious Remarks About Karachites & QeT Altaf Hussain
14 Dec 2021     Views: 286
Dawn photographer beaten up by Rangers in Karachi
10 Dec 2021     Views: 272
KARACHI: Faysal Mujeeb, a photographer working for Dawn-White Star was manhandled by Rangers personnel while he was covering a Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) event in Azizabad on Thursday evening.
State brutalities against MQM workers and supporters on the Day of Martyrs in Karachi
09 Dec 2021     Views: 251
MQM Coordination Committee Video Briefing Over Demolition of Laal Qila Ground Karachi- MQM Secretariat London-05-12-2021
05 Dec 2021     Views: 267
Widespread demolition move in Karachi only a scheme to make it China's town: Altaf Hussain
29 Nov 2021     Views: 313
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