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English News Archive
I want a corruption-free Pakistan," says MQM' supremo Altaf Hussain
21 Jul 2022     Views: 435
"True democracy should come in the country, feudalism should end"
A thought provoking address of QeT Altaf Hussain Bhai about the allegations & propaganda of Punjabi Enmity and pak army with solid proofs
20 Jul 2022     Views: 589
MQM Central Coordination Committee’s Important Video Briefing over the Pakistan High Commission’s Cheap Tactics & Illogical objections for issuing Passport of F&L of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain
02 Jun 2022     Views: 662
MQM Central Coordination Committe Important Video Briefing About NA240 Elections on 16 June 2022 to Workers Supporters on 1 June 2022
01 Jun 2022     Views: 714
Founder & Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain Address to Over the Million Women in Jalsa at Bagh-e-Jinnah
27 May 2022     Views: 87
Important address of MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain on dual standard of Army & Judiciary against Mohajirs
26 May 2022     Views: 562
Altaf’s hate speech trial gets underway in London
01 Feb 2022     Views: 314

Altaf’s hate speech trial gets
underway in London

The MQM founder, 68, was investigated by detectives from the Met
Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command over his speech that caused riots
 in Karachi and attacks on news channels.

February 01, 2022
Altaf Hussain goes on trial in London for 2016 hate speech
01 Feb 2022     Views: 270
Altaf Hussain goes on trial in London for 2016 hate speech
Scotland Yard had charged MQM founder with terrorism offences due to his controversial speech

Military Establishment, Top Brasses, Senior Officials Responsible For Murree Tragedy: Altaf Hussain
08 Jan 2022     Views: 169
India's Independence In 1947 Was Incomplete: Altaf Hussain "Special Lecture On "India's Incomplete Independence"
07 Jan 2022     Views: 134
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