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Illegally Legal

 Posted on: 8/10/2016   Views:17110
It was 19-June-2016 noon when Anti-terrorism Court cancelled the bail of all the nominated suspects in Dr. Asim’s terrorist healthcare aid case. ATC ordered to arrest  all including nominated elected mayor of the metropolitan Karachi. 

It’d be great if it actually be the real decision done on the basis of proofs but unfortunately as whole world now knew the fact that Karachi is facing barbarism of paramilitary Sindh Rangers and on 19-June-2016 barbarism bounces on high level by pressurizing the judge to accept JIT report without any evidence. The same judge who keep saying it is idiotic JIT how can I even think to accept it in any case actually accepted the same JIT. So the question is what made the judge do that, Bingo! Pressure from highly Ranked armed forces officers.

As sources revealed on 19-June-2016 the court was surrounded cleverly by some plain clothed armed persons, we all know plain clothed armed men are from Rangers only. The frightened and scared Judge announces the cancellation of bail and as per rule ask Police to take suspects in custody. But, Plain clothed persons rushed to close the gates of court room and after that surrounded only MQM leaders present in the court. 

Everyone was in shock including the Judge, After that Police was called from nearby Police station to control the barbarism of Rangers who were actually threatening MQM leaders only. It was also noted that the plain clothed persons let a suspect named Qadir Patel affiliated with PPPP flee away from there. When Police entered in ATC the plain clothed persons escaped from their and Police took charge and taken suspects into custody. It was illegal cause the fact is the judge was on gun point basically to issue such idiotic decision but yes they made it legal through the power.

 There are several Question here for all Pakistan and CJP, under which capacity the doors of ATC were closed by Rangers ? Who let those plain clothed armed men entered and surround the whole court room? The Judge was under pressure Why? The Decision was under pressure Why? 

Above mentioned Question are for those who thinks there’s a law in Pakistan which applies on Karachi as well.

It is not confirmed but hugely shared news now that SHC chiefs son who was kidnapped earlier has been released on give and take basis, dots can be connected now. Rangers also did a deal with Sindh Government that, Give Karachi under our supervision & we’ll not touch your ministers and interior Sindh areas will remain to be under Police and Rangers will not interfere in Sindh Government corruption used for Terrorism. the deal is not speculated it is confirmed and now press releases had confirmed this deal.

Rangers in the supervision of Pakistan Army and federal Government crossing all laws and rules made for free citizens in Karachi. Rangers in Karachi has started to do business including protection of unlawful water hydrants, schooling systems, land grabbing, extortion in the name of providing security from market managements. They are greedier than ever today. 

But crossing limits is equivalent to suppressing a whole nation here in Karachi, the city is angry on such acts of Rangers either killing extra judicially, asking to donate to Jihadist Groups, acting brutally on roads of Karachi, arresting innocent and elected members of only MQM or inaugurating jihadi madrasas. Such acts are raising the level of insecurity in the citizens of Karachi. 

It just took a bad move of Turk army to coup to get naked and roll down on roads by the citizens, it’ll not take much time to happen in Karachi if the Rangers keep their attitude in the same direction because they are falsely targeting innocents and the victimized persons are related to MQM the political party which beats in the heart of the citizens of Karachi. The level of insecurity should not exceed more Rangers should act as neutral actual security force.

Media on the other end should become responsible now! For the sake of the trust of people, It is under the damn duty of Army and LEAs to recover a kidnapped man. It is not anything out of the box. No! we didn’t have Kashmir yet neither Siachen issue is resolved and we’ve lost Bangladesh already. Praise can be motivational but extra praise can make institutions egotistical, overconfident and big-headed. Media needs to understand the importance of their role.

Any Army  has two main objectives one is to protect borders other is to extend borders. 1971 we failed to protect on the same time we failed to extend. Now where is the role of media to criticize our own institutions. Media workers are Pakistani Nationals they have the right to do so. But, journalism is also under captivity and only those who polish boots are allowed to talk on media.

Karachi Loves Pakistan. The Army any other institution also belongs to the citizens of Karachi as well and Karachi has nothing but Love and respect for such institutions. But when any one sees any lapses in our own institutions voice must be raised at once to close such holes, this is real patriotism.

“Accept Karachi” is the only advice I can write here to everyone who’s reading.