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I am back as a warrior By Shariqa Ahmed

 Posted on: 2/5/2015 1   Views:1823
My name is XYZ, it’s my honor to be born in the family who had scarified 1,000,000 numbers of deaths and bestow lifeblood in the roots of Pakistan.
I belong to Karachi and of course a devoted worker of QeT Atlaf Hussain which represents the ‘inverted coma’ political party. MQM has always been a threat to status quo which is ruling Sindh about 45 years approximately.

It was wedding in family and we had guests from Punjab, house was blessed by these visitors. There these uniformed unidentified Rangers with masks on their faces came into my house looking for me. My family didn’t resist and I was arrested in day light in front of those guests and my neighbors.

I was blindfolded, was dumped in police van and taken to Rangers Headquarters. They throw me out of the police van and I ended up in an investigation room which I felt by my sense.

I was beaten by everyone present in that room, I can smell their intentions, and this could be my last day of my life. As I belong to the most famous party of Karachi I was alleged in bhatta khori, hide & skin collection, murdering 5 people and target killing. They knew I was Joint Incharge of Unit 173 North Nazimabad and what my daily routines are. The whole time I was greeted with foot & hand power punches. It was just an episode; the real story begins…..

They started beating with “Sooba Chaheay? Ye lo sooba” (instinct Punjabi tone) and then I was kicked with combat punches in sensitive areas of my body. “Altaf Hussian ko gali do” the thing which I couldn’t do with my living breathes, they hit and kept hitting. “Altaf k naam k saath Taaf lagga hae aur Taaf Kabay se hae, Musalman ho k ye nahi karoanga” that’s what I replied, the beast got more angry and then again I was honored. He asked “Hussian ko gali do”, I said “Hussian tau Muhammad (SAWW) k nawasay hean, unhean kaisy gali doan?” and of course after this statement I was treated like a dog. There I heard Azaan and they stopped beating. They left the room, saying that I will be handed over to ISI tonight. Before handing over to ISI a Medical Attendant with Sindhi accent, checked me and said “Ye nishaan kyn chortay ho? Humaray leay mushkil ho jati hae report banna, iss  se acha khatam hi kr dya karo.”

It was a feeling like you are blind; you can’t breathe until you see a ray or spark of light at the end of the tunnel, or like voluntary apnea. No matter how much you freak out, the instinct not look at flash that you won’t open your eyes because you’re afraid that you might not resist to that gleam or if you will, your head will explode. But when you finally do let it, that’s when it stops hurting, it’s not scary anymore, and actually it felt kind of peaceful. 

I was handed to ISI that second night, they hanged me upside down repeated that same which I had experienced with Rangers. My ribs were broken, can’t feel my legs and was continuously beaten by don’t know how many agents, it was hell and I was there to experience that hell. That moment I begged Almighty; please give me strength not get unconscious or else I will end in shame, that I couldn’t bear such hurdles for QeT Altaf Hussain. The 3rd night they make me ly down on my stomach and tied my hands backwards with my feet. I was already in pain because of my broken ribs, and then they started beating my hands & legs, black and blue.

Suddenly all stopped, by heartbreaking news that Dilshad Ahmed, MQM Worker Burns Road has died due to inhumane torture by Rangers/ISI/Police/LEA’s. That news has taken away my missing senses and I can see my death right in front of my eyes. But, later on ….. I was told that they have called my brother and they’ll hand me over to my brother next afternoon.

Miracles do happen and I was spared just because of Dilshad Bhai, he saved my life by giving up his, and I shall always be in debt of his family. I was handed over to my brother the next afternoon, but my heart and mind was hanged on Dilshad Bhai, just because of him I was back to my family and I shall never be able to repay what he did me or maybe many of us.

Just because of some incompetent, politicized and biased bunch of stupid and brainless will drag me to in that shady dig and has all right to kill anyone of us one by one. And believe me they can charge you for anything / everything they want to, they’ll beat like an insane dog that has lost its senses. This whole fake picture of bringing peace in my city by this gang of terrorists in uniform (Karachi Rangers) is a very reason of agitated mood is definitely riding the crazy train on never-ending track.

My message to this inhumane behavior is this torture or vigor will never break any of MQM Workers, they are persistent and that also reveals that Altaf Hussain is a nightmare for the ones who think they can suppress its worker/voters/supporters. I may never forget the humiliation I suffered in front of my kids, my guests in house and the neighborhood, but to tell you the truth I am proud what I am.

You call yourselves the custodian, than why do you hide your faces behind masks, what you guys are afraid of? What wrong are you doing that you need to hide yourselves? We are not born with the names of Langra, Commando, etc. you have given these names to us just to hide behind us. We are not ashamed of anything because we are on the right track; it’s you, who are fooling the media, people and rest of the Pakistan. Such things do not break MQM Workers/Supporters, but unite us with more consistent manner.

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