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Altaf Hussain says we must confront Taliban now

 Posted on: 2/18/2014
They are not interested in peace negotiations
The Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has said to the government, Armed forces of Pakistan and rulers that the continued terrorist acts by the Taliban tells us that they are not interested in solution of the crisis we will have to confront them in order to deal with the crisis.
Mr. Hussain has made an appeal to rulers not to procrastinate, and must act quickly if they wanted to save Pakistan from the clutches of Taliban.  He expressed these views while talking to a private channel.
Commenting on the government’s efforts on terrorism, Mr. Hussain has said, it appears that the Sindh Government has completed surrendered to Taliban. As far as Federal Government is concerned, if they do not order army to take action against the Taliban then Federal government should resign and go home. Today, Taliban attacked on the armed forces and martyred a major. The army and defense forces should not remain silent. If they have conscious then they should come forward and confront Taliban terrorists. It is a menace which has been imposed on us and we must get rid of the menace. Everyone will have to contribute his efforts to deal with terrorism, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“Terrorism has reached its height. Yesterday, they executed 23 FC personnel and dishonored their corpses. It chilled our bones when we saw their brutality on the video, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“Taliban are not serious in negotiations. They have been killing our people, personnel of armed forces and security forces. When the government decides to take action against them they start talking about negotiations.  Today morning Taliban spokesman said they want to negotiate, but within 5 hours they attack on the army. We should not trust them. They are shrewd people. They appear to be the sons of Hypocrite the great Abdullah Bin Ubai. We should not negotiate with them, we should confront them. I appeal to people to boycott people who are support them and call them spoilt children and big brothers. I regard Taliban supporters as enemies of the country and people. They are accessories to the crimes of Taliban.
Mr. Hussain also condemned the terrorists who tried to blow the office of ARY. It is not just attack on the freedom of press. I regards it as the attack on Pakistan. I regards it attack on the people of Pakistan. It is an attack on all Pakistan who want peace and love humanity. They want to impose their version of Shari on us by gun and bombs. They slaughter army jawans and innocent citizens. We will have to unite against these Jihadi elements. It is the responsibility of every Pakistan to protect Pakistan besides armed forces.
He condemned the attacks on media houses offices. He expressed solidarity with the administration of ARY and employees. He said to ARY people that they should be thankful to Allah who has saved them from a tragedy.  He urged all TV channel owners to express solidarity with the ARY.

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