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Slain MQM workers in extra-judicial, targeted killings buried

Slain MQM workers in extra-judicial, targeted killings buried
 Posted on: 1/11/2015
The MQM workers and supporters, embraced martyrdom on Saturday in extra-judicial and targeted-killings, were buried in the various graveyards of the city with tears and sobbing of families and friends.
According to the details, MQM Malir Sector worker Syed Faraz Alam was extra-judicially killed in police custody after given in remand, workers disappeared after arrest of Mawach Goth Baldia Sector Muhammad Rehan, Syed Naeem Jafri and Syed Jaffar Abbas were murdered in extra-judicial killing. MQM worker FB Area Sector Abdul Rauf Mehmood was murdered in a targeted-killing.
While, two of MQM supporters Dr Ali Akbar and Dr Yawar Hussain were murdered in the targeted-killings at their clinics. The joint-funeral prayer of Faraz, Rehan, Rauf and Ali Akbar was held in Jinnah ground, Azizabad. The joint-funeral of Naeem, Jaffar and Yawar was held in Rizvia Imam Bargah.
The Coordination Committee Pakistan In-charge Qamar Mansoor, Dr Nusrat Shaukat, Amir Khan, Arif Khan Advocate, Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi, Kahiful Wara, Ghulfaraz Khan Khattak, Aslam Afridi, Ghazi Salahuddin, MQM Senators, MNAs, MPAs, office-bearers of various departments, workers and the members of family and friends of the demises were also attended the funeral prayers.
The deceased were buried in the local graveyards with tears and sobbing of the victims’ bereaved families, friends and thousands of MQM workers. Prominent religious scholar Senator Tanvirul Haq Thanvi prayed for the sad demises for high eternal ranks.

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