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 Posted on: 6/23/2023
A FOOD FOR THOUGHT: DEAR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN ESPECIALLY THE STUDENTS OF HISTORY! Definitely, your passion for #Pakistan is unbelievable and beyond doubt. You must look into certain key points worth pondering upon and I'm just laying these crucial points here for quick perusal. A third-fourth century has elapsed since the inception of the country and the first and second world wars (1914-1918 and 1939-1945 respectively.) paved the way for the creation of a number of states on the atlas. Subcontinent #India was no exception either way and it was divided, too. As a result, a new state within the Subcontinent India emerged and that was Pakistan. Despite the passage of 75 years of independence, the menace of hunger, poverty, unemployment, inflation, and corruption inflicting agonies on the masses. On the other side of India, the progress in education, technology, industry, and trade is at apex. There's no comparison between India and Pakistan because the latter is just a dumping yard for the imported luxuries at the cost of the national exchequer to which the horrific imposition of hundreds of taxes are attracted from poor man's pocket. The prime reason for the creation of a separate country, Pakistan, was the eradication of feudal dynasties and their tyranny. Nonetheless, that menace of feudal dynasties is in full swing in this era of information and artificial intelligence. What a pity! India, was fully embedded to democratic norms and values, instead. In India, there are zero military interventions in country's civilian, social, fiscal and political affairs. What a blessed country India stands to be. As compared to India, the entire picture is upside down. India's success in achieving an independent foreign policy. However, Pakistan drastically failed in achieving such a prestigious goal of independent foreign policy. Pakistan's foreign policies are absolutely influenced by the influence of the United States of America, United Kingdom, People's Republic of China, and the Arab States in the Gulf region. If we examine the crucial points, we would reach a conclusion that Pakistan has continued to suffer from the tyrant feudal and tribal dynasties and aristocratic systems. The feudal dynasties have carved out a horrific system for the continuation of their tyrant rule and usurpation of democratic and fundamental human rights of the people. Pecuniary malpractices and loopholes that allow the money-hungry feudal dynasties to suck the last drop of blood from the arteries and veins of the masses. The menace of corruption is the Hallmark of Pakistan only because of these ugly feudal dynasties. Interestingly, these blood-sucking creatures do this all in the disguise of democracy and elections for the representatives are also regularly held. Vow! The military establishment being the manipulators set this mouse trap to squeeze the country's population. Actually, this is not democracy but what I call "The Militarocracy". Let me explain this "Militarocracy". It's when the military speaks more than the President or Prime Minister of the ruling government, or when the military intervenes to dictate all the affairs of the ruling government, activities, politics, foreign affairs, and economies. Therefore, I urge the youth of the country particularly the students of history, to seriously analyse these points and take action to end the decayed feudal political and capitalist system. The youth and students should strive for real democracy with independent foreign policy. Otherwise, they must be mentally prepared to embrace unending untoward situations. ALTAF HUSSAIN June 23, 2023 (LONDON)

2/29/2024 3:58:21 AM