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DO YOU HEAR ME? -- Altaf Hussain on Twitter

 DO YOU HEAR ME? -- Altaf Hussain on Twitter
 Posted on: 5/25/2023

The advent of the mass arrests of leaders and activists of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) draconian preparations per planned strategy, the arrested leaders and activists to be tried in military courts. Ironically, all are fateful to be prosecuted under the official secret act. Ah! Let me ask the federal government and the military establishment whether those PTI leaders, lawmakers, workers and non-political supporters from grass root levels who participated in the May 9 massive scale protests and were arrested and have been released on conditions to part ways with the PTI be also tried in military courts. All such lucky or unlucky leaders and activists were bullied, placed under unbearable duress and were heavily traumatized before they showed their consent to do what the military dictated to them. They were forced to change their political loyalties and give statements to them in front of the print and electronic media. Or, they have been pardoned for good because they ditched their leader under conditions. As it is clear that they won't face the same music as do the other fateful leaders and activists, so, this is what we observed a good cop and a bad cop play from you. It is absolutely a case of a chained system of justice and the draconian misuse of authority. It is like old wine in a new bottle because the same tactic was applied for dry cleaning the leaders and activists of the MQM in 2023. Simultaneously, the military establishment had also played a similar notorious game in 2016. It used every trick in book to malign the MQM and had fraudulently accused the of treason and terrorism. All hand-picked were were pardoned after they were dry leaned cleaned at military Dhobi Ghaat (dry-clean machine) The hand-picked were owned as blue-eyed boys and were allowed to do politics, businesses and everything they wanted to. The military establishment had also forced them to betray their undisputed leader Altaf Hussain. But, those who resisted and refused were either extrajudicially executed or arrested and jailed or were enforced to disappear. They were implicated in fake criminal cases. Let me tell them that these malpractices and misuse of power and draconian actions will never fruit but would prove counterproductive. The military establishment will have serious consequences and democracy will become a nightmare. Pakistan and its population will pass through serious devastations. I'm confident that the military establishment will pay no heed to my premonitions. This tweet is already recorded in the black history of Pakistan. Let the time decide.


5/17/2024 10:02:14 PM