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" Pakistan army has double standard for the resolve the Afghanistan issue and issue of the rights for the people of small provinces of the Pakistan" Altaf Hussain reply to DG ISPR

" Pakistan army has double standard for the resolve the Afghanistan issue and issue of the rights for the people of small provinces of the Pakistan" Altaf Hussain reply to DG ISPR
 Posted on: 7/12/2021
" Pakistan army has double standard for the resolve the Afghanistan issue and issue of the rights for the people of small provinces of the Pakistan" Altaf Hussain reply to DG ISPR


London: 12th July 2021                                                

Founder & leader Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan army has double standard for the resolve the Afghanistan issue and issue of the rights for the people of small provinces of the Pakistan.

He replied to Pakistan’s armed forces’ Inter-Services Public Relations – ISPR Director General (DG) Major General Babar Iftikhar who

spoke to the media on the prevailing situation in Afghanistan.

General Babar said in media talk, “Guns can’t impose decisions and if these could, twenty years would have not been wasted.” “These can’t do any good in future, dialogue is the key alone. Civil war would serve nobody. The international stakeholders will have to decide how to proceed. Only the people of Afghanistan are lawfully the actual stakeholders and they should decide about their future”.

Mr. Hussain ask to Major General Babar Iftikhar that your speech is very good but why don't you give this speech to the top leadership of the army and other high officials that first the army has to accept your ideas and follow what you laid in your speech.

Mr. Hussain said that when the Awami League in the former East Pakistan won a landslide victory in the 1970 general elections all over Pakistan, why did the army used the guns and started military operations against Awami League instead of transferring power to it?

It is learned that in 1970 Military dictator late General Yahya Khan was in power as Chief Martial Law administrator.

Mr. Hussain said that why the army did occupy Balochistan on gun point in 1948 and annex it to Pakistan?  Many great Baloch rebels had under the leadership of Nawab Nowruz Khan Zarkzai climbed on to the mountains in reaction to that occupation and started fighting for the liberation of Balochistan but then the army held Quran in hands and appealed them to descend and get engaged in dialogue for a solution. When they looked the army men was holding Quran, they trusted them and came down but the army deceived them, violated their oaths on Quran, captured them all and sent to gallows. After sending them to gallows, army thought that the Balochs will give up due to fear but problem of Balochistan didn’t solved by the gun.

He said that army used guns in Balochistan and again, despite the passage of 73 years, the Baloch are still very actively fighting for their usurped rights and stolen freedom. Gunship helicopters are at combat with them.

Similarly, army assassinated a senior Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. At first he was entangled in negotiations to silence his voice and later he was martyred along with his associates in a bomb explosion.

Likewise, when there was a movement for the restoration of democracy – MRD, in the country and during that movement, army massacred Sindhis in Sindh province. Even helicopters were used to attack them and large number of Sindhis were killed

Same treatment was given to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal belt. Thousands of Pakhtuns were massacred through indiscriminate aerial bombardment and this massacre is being continued there without a break.

People of Gilgit-Baltistan and Hazarwal have also not been spared as they also don’t enjoy any exemption.

Mr. Hussain said that the unwarranted military operation launched by the Army on June 19, 1992 to crush Mohajirs and eliminate their sole representative party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement – MQM, is still in full swing till date.  He said that army has so far extrajudicially executed more than 25 thousand innocent Mohajir youth in 30 years. Army and its intelligence agencies and paramilitary Rangers kidnapped hundreds of MQM workers and enforcedly disappeared and thousands are lavishing in jails

Mr. Hussain said that interestingly, Pakistan army staged a drama that was badly flopped. Army had claimed to unearth a large cache of weapons that belonged to NATO, from my residence, famously known as Nine Zero, and army had on 22nd of August, 2016, sealed Nine Zero. It has been five years since army troopers are stationed at Nine Zero.

He further said that during the military operation against MQM, the later was completely deprived of its constitutional, legal and democratic rights, only at gunpoint. When the general elections were held in 1993, the then Karachi Corps Commander, General Naseer Akhtar, openly threatened MQM that the party could contest from only four constituencies of the National Assembly and if it tried to contest from all the constituencies, it would face dire consequences.

Due to that repressive tactic of the army, MQM had no other choice except to announce a boycott to the general elections for the National Assembly.

Mr. Hussain said that this state repression against the MQM is still in full swing till date and the party is completely restricted to exercise its political but even after repeated operations and state atrocities, By the grace of God, MQM is more popular than before. If you are not sure then, by ending the army operation, let MQM do their political activities like other political parties, unseal central office, nine zero of MQM, unseal Khursheed Begum memorial hall and other offices of MQM. Do it and see the results yourself.

Mr. Hussain said that General Babar Iftikhar Just ponder upon what I have presented here as facts.

“Why army can’t accept your ideas and act accordingly in all related sections. You had laid a probable solution to ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan but why Army do not act according to your idea”? He asked to DG ISPR.

Mr. Hussain raised some very critical questions to DG ISPR in his statement. He questioned that;

Did MQM created Taliban, AL Qaeda, ISIS and other Jihadi outfits?

Was this MQM behind suicide bombings inside mosques, imam bargahs, shrines of saints and churches and temples and military installations, GHQ and public and private properties?

These religious fanatics, extremist gangs and terrorist outfits butchered more than 70,000 civilians. However, a few in government service were also targeted. Did MQM killed them?

You might also remember the bloodshed in Kashmir in 1948. Was that too, by MQM?

Has MQM killed a single soldier to date, despite repeated military operations and atrocities?

Mr. Hussain said that ideas and speeches of DG ISPR General Babar Iftikhar don’t correspond to real situation in Afghanistan and also for the people of the small provinces of your country.

He said that views of General Babar is looks like;

دیگراں را نصیحت -  خود میاں فضیحت

Bells call others to Church but enter not in themselves

9/18/2021 3:15:47 PM