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Pakistan economy has collapsed; artificial measures won't reverse the default: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan economy has collapsed; artificial measures won't reverse the default: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 2/6/2023 1
General workers meeting address
Pakistan economy has collapsed; artificial measures won't reverse the default: Altaf Hussain
"With the economic collapse, fiscal default, Pakistan is in ICU"
"Ruling elite still busy in loot and plunder: Genocide of the oppressed still in full swing"

"Ruling elite especially the military-feud consortium is sparing nothing with regard to political engineering, flawed legislation to save ruling elite"
"People's buying powers have ceased to exist but the ruling elite stubborn enough not to address skyrocketed inflation"
"If there is any key to save Pakistan even today, his name is Altaf Hussain "


LONDON. February 6, 2023:

Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of MQM, has said that Pakistan has defaulted economically and the country is in the intensive care unit - or - ICU.Unfortunately, he kept on saying that, the ghoulish and prodigal military general- feud sly cabal is unwilling to stop malpractices and insane policies that cater to that same sly cabal.Their policies, political engineering, tactics of controlling and paralysing state institutions, genocide of oppressed nations and loot and plunder of taxpayers money, waving off bank loans amounting to trillions of dollars and control over supply chain of consumers goods has pushed Pakistan to a state of coma and hence the country is on ventilator in ICU of advanced surgery ward, the MQM supremo statistically stated.The MQM supremo Altaf Hussain said this while telephonically addressing a general workers gathering of the activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement - or - MQM. Workers from different cities of Pakistan as well as overseas units participated online in the meeting.
Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan has been bankrupt, the country's foreign reserves have completely depleted. Though, the incumbent oppressors have been making all efforts to hide these facts from the people but thanks to the IT revolution, the true facts are pouring down to everyone's personal cell phone and the social media and the world media are presenting the actual tragedy.He said that the economic situation has reached a point of no return and the country has dipped deep into the Zombie Fire.It is pertinent to mention the MQM supremo had time and again asked the people that should save money, store dry ration to escape hunger. The rate of inflation has so heavily skyrocketed that his premonitions can be witnessed on ground.He feared that the inflation and poverty has deprived the masses of their buying power. Henceforth, a state of anarchy has prevailed and it is feared that a civil war might break shortly.There will be no money for the living and the lower and middle class will fall victim of economic crisis and due to this economic disaster, a civil war-like situation is infallible.Due to discriminatory policies, oppression and genocide of Baloch, Pashtuns and Mohajir nations, uprising has soared to skies. After Balochistan, the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been on the streets against the country's ruling elite and the military of Pakistan, warned the MQM supremo.He said that the country has reached the brink of destruction. The people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are protesting against the state policies, the situation in Balochistan has become very serious, but despite this devastating scenario, the plunderers if tax payers money and makers of flawed and discriminatory policies are not ready to listen to what the people say and demand. However, to they can't keep the prevailing situation going for long.
He said that in this serious situation, If there is any key to save Pakistan even today, his name is Altaf Hussain. He said that these serious situations require that the policy of suppressing the oppressed peoples who raise their voices for their rights with state oppression should be abandoned, and the concerns should be addressed.The MQM supremo asked the workers that they should be more vigilant of the situation and cement their unity further.


4/22/2024 12:51:27 PM