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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Karo-Kari couples will be safe at nine-zero: Altaf Hussain,The Express Tribune

 Date: 9/29/2012   Views:3581    Source: The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain in a tirade against the archaic justice system of ‘karo kari’ on Saturday, offered asylum to couples who had been declared kari by tribes or jirgas for wanting to marry out of free will, Express News reported. “No jagirdars [land owners] would dare to lay a finger on you in nine-zero. If they do, then we [MQM workers] would die before they can get to you,” Hussain boomed through loudspeakers which were amplifying his telephonic address.
He was addressing a gathering of party workers at Karachi’s Lal Qila ground on Saturday.
The MQM chief urged party workers to spread this message across the country, and invited those couples declared kari to MQM’s office where he promised their marital vows would be solemnised by clerics.
To backup his claim, Altaf cited examples of at least 10 such couples whom his party had helped in getting married and resettled them in foreign countries.
The announcement was met with chants of ‘karo kari ke khilaaf…Altaf Altaf’ [Against karo kari: Altaf].
Film on MQM launched
Altaf Hussain announced the launch of ‘Naqeeb-e-Inquilaab’, a dramatisation chronicling the struggles of the party at the meeting.
Speaking about the film, Hussain lauded the film and the production team’s efforts, adding that the cast had performed in the film without charging any compensation for which he was immensely thankful to them.
“God bless you and I love you all,” he said.
The MQM leader also requested television channels in Pakistan to air the film, which also highlights the atrocities of landlords in the country.