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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

MQM demands mechanism to check pilferage of budgetary funds,The Express Tribune

 Date: 6/2/2012   Views:3818    Source: The Express Tribune
KARACHI: It is a sad fact that due to corruption, benefits of budgetary funds do not reach to poor masses, hence there should be a proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism to check the pilferage of this precious taxpayers’ money, senior minster and head of MQM’s Parliamentary Party in Sindh Syed Sardar Ahmed, told the media at a press conference in the Sindh Secretariat on Saturday.

He was accompanied by other members MQM’s Parliamentary Party. MQM leaders Raza Haroon and Dr Sagheer Ahmed were also present.

Ahmed said that it was the vision of their party to make Pakistan a welfare state. He said that under the vision, they had prepared their budget proposals and handed them to Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah during Saturday’s cabinet meeting. He said they adopted non-traditional approach in preparing these budgetary proposals for Sindh budget of fiscal 2012-13 with the sole aim to change the lot of poor masses in both rural and urban areas of Sindh.

He said it is a universally accepted principle that all taxable incomes are to be taxed and rationalised. “We have proposed to rationalise the existing Sindh Land Tax and Agricultural Income Tax Ordinance No. XII of 2000.”

About the development expenditure for the fiscal year 2012-13, he said the MQM envisages Rs160 billion, including development expenditure of Rs16 billion and development capital expenditure of Rs144 billion.

He said of this development capital expenditure Rs5.5 billion are suggested for ongoing schemes, Rs10.64 billion for health, Rs10.5 billion for agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forests, Rs8 billion for education, Rs6 billion for Auqaf, culture and religious affairs and Rs5 billion for infrastructure-physical and social sector.

He said Rs5 billion are suggested for public safety/ security including up-gradation, better equipments-transport, telecom, trained personnel of all police stations. He suggested that the government should establish a provincial intelligence agency with its offices at district level.

He hoped that their budget proposals would be incorporated in the coming provincial budget of Sindh in the larger interests of people of Sindh.