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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Wake up Call from Mr. Altaf Hussain,The News Tribe

 Date: 7/20/2012   Views:4384    Source: The News Tribe
The thought provoking lecture of Mr. Altaf Hussain published in different Pakistani newspapers today is an eye opener for the nation of Pakistan. We all know that Mr. Altaf Hussain is known as a leader who speaks the truth and portray the true picture of the situation. He has been criticizing the policies of Pakistani leaders and establishment from day one which paved the way of disaster and destruction for the Pakistani people.   Why Mr. Altaf Hussain revealed the facts which were hidden behind the curtains is not a question as he has been doing this in the past as his national responsibility. The question is that what he said in his lecture would bring the political and military leadership on the same page or not.

The leader of MQM has revealed the facts and realities which shows the real picture of what we should expect in the near future. We are fortunate to have at least one courageous and outspoken leader like Mr. Hussain in the political arena of Pakistan. The way he sees the national and international situation surrounding Pakistan shows that vision and wisdom of Mr. Hussain cannot be challenged. When the leaders in Pakistan are fighting for their own vested interests, the leader of Pakistan who was forced to go in exile is giving the wakeup call for the security and integrity of Pakistan.

While giving this all important lecture to his office bearers in London, Mr. Hussain shared the historical background of the current situation. The leader of MQM shed the light on Pakistan’s role in cold war era between the two super powers at that time, USA & Soviet Union. He said that while the giant powers of USA & Soviet Union were fighting for the control in the region, the political and military establishment decided to support the US.  Pakistani leadership took the ownership of that war in Afghanistan and started to strengthen the US presence without keeping in mind the aftermath of the situation. The leaders on the Pakistani side created monsters in the form of so called Islamic militant organizations to fight the proxy war on their behalf in the mountains of Afghanistan.  After the Soviet’s defeat in Afghan conflict, these sponsored militant organizations have made inroads in the Pakistani society and our internal security is at high risk now. This Frankenstein monster is now out of control and killing innocent people of Pakistan including the law enforcement personnel and officers.

Mr. Altaf Hussain highlighted the seriousness of the situation by saying that the very existence of Pakistan is at stake now.  He said that there have been on going reports in the national and international media about the arrival of US Naval fleet in the Arabian Sea near the Pakistani shores. These US carriers are equipped with highly sophisticated weapons including the fighter planes. Mr. Hussain in his recent speeches has shown concern about the reports of US military power buildup near the violence hit province of Balochistan.

The wake up call of Mr. Hussain didn’t end here but it continued with the reports of defense analysts saying that Afghanistan have plans to start a war like situation with Pakistan.  If this kind of crisis occurs then everybody knows that NATO forces will support Afghanistan or Pakistan ? The bilateral relations between the US and Pakistani governments are at the worst stage and there is big trust deficit between the two allies.

Now if we wake up and read the lecture of Mr. Altaf Hussain seriously then we will realize the dangerous times ahead for Pakistan. Are we ready to face the external threats when our internal stability and security is at stake ? Our failed foreign policies in last 64 years have isolated us from all four corners and now who is the friend of Pakistan ? Extremism and militancy in the shape of Talibanization have entered in the hearts of Pakistani cities. Corruption, incompetency in governance, worst law and order across Pakistan are the signs of major disaster.

Balochistan has become the flashpoint for Pakistan and now to counter the insurgency in the largest province, we have to immediately start the dialogue process with Baloch organizations fighting for freedom. We have to offer them all their rights to avoid the growing demand for right of self determination.

Our national media has an important role to play in demolishing the corrupt political structure of Pakistan. They have to educate the common people that Zardari’s, Gilani’s,Leghari’s, Sharif’s and Khan’s are nothing but different faces of status quo in Pakistan.  Mr. Altaf Hussain has become the symbol of change in Pakistan and only his ideology and philosophy of electing honest, patriotic and educated leadership from middle class could save our country from falling apart.

This is the time for Pakistani rulers to start peace dialogue with all their neighbors including India and Afghanistan and sign no-war pact with them.  If we did not change our policies and actions in near future then there is no future for us in the modern and civilized world.