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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Zero-tolerance in MQM for social-ills: Altaf,Business Recorder

 Date: 5/28/2013   Views:2860    Source: Business Recorder
KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain said on Sunday an enquiry was underway against those office bearers of the dissolved Coordination and Karachi Tanzeemi committees whose names were not included in the newly formed committees.

In his telephonic address at MQM workers' convention at Jinnah Ground here, he said those persons who have been relieved of their duties are being given time for self-accountability, and whoever reforms and meets the set standards can be recalled.

Altaf Hussain said the reorganisation of the party will bring forward honest people and an improvement will be visible at every level.

The MQM chief told the workers that reorganisation will take place at all levels and sought their support in this regard.

He said now all the decisions will be taken on merit, as the process of delegating responsibilities on the basis of like and dislike has ended.

He said the members of the Rabita Committee and the Karachi Tanzeemi Committee will now not confine themselves to Nine-Zero (MQM Headquarters) and visit each unit and sector of the party to hold training sessions.

The MQM chief advised party leaders and workers to respect each other and deal with the public politely and avoid aggressive behaviour.

He asked the leaders and workers to adopt simplicity and prudence in their lives, and stay away from involving in Bachat Bazaars or operating TV cable networks, and encroachment.

He said if any worker was found involved in such activities an inquiry will be carried out against the individual and a disciplinary action will be taken.

The MQM chief said there is zero-tolerance policy in the MQM for involvement in corruption and other social-ills.

Altaf Hussain said the workers are free to complain if they notice anything wrong, adding that a system of Fax is being introduced at the International Secretariat where the identity of a complainant will remain secret.