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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Karachi, Taliban and the players in the game!,The News Tribe

 Date: 2/16/2013   Views:4198    Source: The News Tribe


Given the recent press statement released by Hakim Ullah Mesud who has set two primary conations and an open threat to MQM. This is a more than a press release it is an overt display of hostility towards, the leftist and secularist parties. In my opinion MQM is the only secular party which has expressed the most reservations and condemnation for the Taliban and their allies within and beyond Pakistan. Altaf Hussian is the only Pakistani leader who at the beginning of it all told us that the ugly head of Islamic fanaticism and fascism is at hand. Back then the establishment and most members of the intelligentsia and the media shunned his assertions and predictions. However today whatever Mr. Altaf Hussian said is quite true, as matter fact it has gotten worst. The Taliban have taken over Karachi and have dispossessed poor and innocent pakthuns from their areas like Sultanabad, Pakthunabad and etc where peaceful; pathans use to live; now these areas are inhabited by radical elements of the TTP (Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan).

This is a very dangerous development for Karachi and Pakistan; already our valiant soldiers are fighting on the northwestern front against these terrorists and their allies. We have lost more than 35,000 Pakistanis both military and civilians to the murderous and criminal ideology of the Taliban and their allies. However the Taliban have made inroads in our major and mainstream cities, heck they even have likeminded friends and supporters in the Pakistani media and political circle especially with the conventional rightist parties. If these unfortunate series of events continue to unfold the whole country will be in a state of affairs way worse of than Karachi.

These are some of the key issues and consequential effects that I believe are present and could come back to haunt perpetually. Moving on it is high time that the central leftist and the like minded parties merge their resources and mandates. The time to stand up and unite against the oppressive yoke of the Taliban and their allies is now or never. Today Karachi is burning sectarian and ethnic violence is at an all time high, nobody is safe and a lot of innocent people have been brutally slaughtered. The criminal elements that are causing all this carnage in Karachi are funded by the ruling parties who have vested interests in the whole equation. Our leadership and the government must realize that you cannot tame fire nor a snake. Same way the menace of terrorism must be rooted out otherwise Pakistan will cease to exist or will implode if the state of affairs continue like. Also to the person and parties who just beat around the bush with the usual non sense of that this is not our war. I say this to them that this is our war, we bred and sowed the seeds of extremism vis a vis Zia Ul Hq and the Afghan Jihad, the Frankenstein we created is out for our blood if we do not kill it, they will kill us. Also at the same time no sensible and sovereign government ever negotiates with terrorists. Look at the IRA, the Tamil tigers, the Naxxilites in India, These non state actors have been a major bane and problem for the state. Unfortunately our government loves to whore itself of to any one for the right price, and if the government does not get its act together the time is not far, when they would have an inch of land to call their own, their children will become slaves and their women will become concubines of the savages whom we know as Al-Qaeda/ Taliban. These are just the cruel facts and in this case truth is stranger than fiction taking it to the bank if you want to.