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Address of Mr. Altaf Hussain on inauguration ceremony of Nazeer Hussain University

Address of Mr. Altaf Hussain on inauguration ceremony of Nazeer Hussain University
 Posted on: 4/12/2014
Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of MQM, has said that when Mian Nawaz Sharif’s government was toppled in 1999 and when he was put under arrest, General Musharraf was not even on the ground and it was others who had arrested Mr Sharif. Mr Hussain asked why only General Musharraf is being tried for breaching the constitution? Why those who were involved in aiding and abetting the coup are being spared? Is this justice? Confirming the media reports about submitting an application for his Pakistani passport, Mr Hussain further added that Pakistan was his country, still is, and will always remain his country. If his application was denied, he said, his legal team would seek justice from higher courts. He added that MQM had never demanded separation of Sindh. It simply wants justice for all citizens of Sindh.

Mr Altaf Hussain said this in his address to the inaugural ceremony of Nazeer Hussain University in Karachi.  

Mr Hussain added that it was a great pleasure for me to inaugurate this university that has been named after his late father, Nazeer Hussain. May Allah bless his soul (ameen). He said that he had envisioned this university decades ago and the land was obtained for this institution 25 years ago.

“Promotion of education as well as easy access to education for all has been the primary motto of MQM since the day it was founded. The reason to establish this university is part of MQM’s vision to spread education and make it accessible as well as affordable for all.”

“MQM believes in promotion of education for multiple reasons: Education enlightens human mind; education broadens human mind; education encourages co-existence and promotes harmony between humans, between religions; between countries and nations; education helps minds to remain peaceful and calm.”

“Education also promotes peace by encouraging resolution of conflicts through dialogue and negotiations. Education breeds respect for fellow human beings, their faith, their beliefs and their ethnicity and origin.”

“MQM stands for establishing peace not only in Karachi but throughout Pakistan as well as in the region and in the world. We want to establish friendly relations with Pakistan’s neighbouring countries with dignity and mutual respect. MQM believes in people-to-people contact in developing long term relations with Pakistan’s neighbours. MQM also believes in establishing strong friendly relations with neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. And we believe that promotion of education will help achieve this objective.”

“I pray to Almighty Allah to grant success to this university and make it one of the best academic institutions not just in Pakistan, but also in the world.”

“I would also like to pay rich tribute to NHU’s first chancellor Mr Syed Tariq Mir who worked tirelessly in turning my dream of establishing this university into reality. May Allah bless him. I would also like to pay tribute to our former provincial minister Rauf Siddiqui for his efforts in establishing this university. May Almight bless him too.”

“Nazeer Hussain University (NHU) has gained cooperation from professors of four reputed universities in London, who have designed its courses for the faculties of Architecture, Business Studies and Engineering. I feel proud to mention here that NHU is the only university in Pakistan that is offering courses in Solar Engineering and Urban Development. All NHU courses will be taught under direct supervision of the academic team from the United Kingdom.”
“There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of other individuals who played pivotal role in establishing Nazeer Hussain University and they all deserve my personal thanks and your admiration. Please applaud for Tariq Mir, Rauf Siddiqui and every other person who played his or her role in making Nazeer Hussain University a dream come true.”

“I want to clarify one thing here: Islam is without a doubt a religion of peace, but I feel ashamed to say that some of the religious clerics have distorted this peaceful image of Islam by their irresponsible actions. Islam teaches us tolerance and respect for all faiths, religions and beliefs. Islam teaches us to seek peaceful resolution of conflicts and disputes through dialogue and negotiations. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself was and still is the symbol for peace and tolerance. He preached us forgiveness. He not only preached peace and tolerance, he was a living example and symbol of mercy and forgiveness. He forgave even his worst enemies, including those who had thrown filth on him and had abused him. People accepted Islam because of his peace-loving character, honesty and ever-forgiving nature.”

“I would also like to clarify here that there are only 2 percent people in Pakistan who are misusing Islam’s name and committing atrocities and suicide bombings in the name of Islam.”

“The remaining 98 percent of Muslim population in Pakistan firmly believes in religious tolerance, co-existence, interfaith harmony and human respect. These 98% Pakistanis strongly believe in this teaching of the Holy Quran:
There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.”

“Islam does not permit attacks on mosques, imam bargahs, places of worship for other religions, girls’ schools or any other places. “

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