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Government, Army must Act to Eliminate Terrorism in the Country – Altaf Hussain

Government, Army must Act to Eliminate Terrorism in the Country – Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 2/13/2014
MQM Chief Severely Condemns TTP Attack on Police Bus in Karachi
Despite Dialogue, the Terrorists Continue their Attacks
Being a Victim of Atrocities itself, MQM Shares the Pain of Bereaved Families
A special session of MQM Coordination Committee was held chaired by MQM Founder Leader Mr Altaf Hussain on the blast on police bus near the police training centre at Razzaqabad in Karachi today. The session strongly condemned the brutal attack and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims and prayed for the early recovery of injured.
Mr Hussain while addressing the session stated that from the day dialogue has commenced with the Taliban, personnel of law enforcement agencies, police and innocent citizens have been targeted by the Taliban in bomb blasts and today’s incident is a continuation of the terrorist activities. He said that those serving personnel who lost their lives today in uniform defending the country and its people, most of them were the only breadwinners of their families, someone’s brother, son, husband, father and protectors of their sisters. The MQM can well understand the bereavement of their families and we share their grief and sorrow. For years, we have been burying our workers who were martyred by the state forces and terrorists; our workers have been subjected to brutal and inhuman torture in custody, which is extremely difficult to explain in words. As a result of State oppression and brutalities, thousands of MQM workers have lost their lives, who were also the main breadwinners of their families, brothers, sons, fathers, husbands and protectors of their sisters. He said that murder of innocent people, attacks on mosques, imam bargahs, sensitive military installations, army and officers of other law enforcement agencies, playing football with their severed heads, is the height of terrorism and barbarism. Despite this all the political parties supported the dialogue process with the terrorists and with heavy heart MQM too supported the initiative and supported the dialogue in the All Parties Conference so that MQM cannot be blamed for sabotaging any step of dialogue. He said that MQM’s stance is clear that to maintain the writ of State and Government dialogue must be held, but from day one the acts of terrorism and attacks on innocent civilians have continued unabated. On one hand, some quarters are celebrating dialogue with the Taliban, whereas on the other hand, terrorists are continuing with their activities and targeting innocent creating havoc. Yesterday, the TTP spokesperson stated that the Taliban would continue their attacks on Pakistan Army and will not spare Army generals.
Mr Hussain said that we are aggrieved on the loss of lives and injuries to the police personnel but instead of taking action against the terrorists, MQM is being subjected to State terrorism. Even today, three MQM Members of Sector Committee and 45 MQM workers are missing for months and have not been produced in any court of law so far. Despite submitting petitions in courts regarding these missing workers, the courts, police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to produce our missing workers in courts. When the police and other law enforcement personnel fail to deal with terrorism and restore peace then who shall we approach for our grievances? He said that in the light of these facts he would like to appeal to the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to take into account the law and order situation of the country and ensure that life and property of every citizen is protected but this statement was criticised as to why the appeal was made to the Chief of Army Staff. He said that the critics must thank Allah Almighty that none of their relatives has been the victim of terrorism. God Forbid if their relatives would have been the victim of terrorist attacks then their sentiments would not have been different to ours.
Mr Hussain once again appealed to the Government and particularly the COAS General Raheel Sharif that the MQM and each and every Pakistani demands that for the elimination of terrorism from the country, restoration of peace and protection to life and property of every citizen, concrete decisions must be taken. If, for any reason, they are unable to do so then inform the nation of facts why the army is unable to protect and defend the internal boundaries of the country and its citizens. He also demanded of the Government to provide latest technology and other vital resources to the Department of Police.
Mr Hussain prayed for police personnel who lost their lives and early recovery of all injured in the terrorist attack and solace to the family members. He prayed to Almighty Allah to rid Pakistan of the menace of terrorism and give courage to the rulers to take bold decisions in the interest of our country and nation with a view to provide security to life and property to every citizen.
Mr Hussain also expressed his dismay on the statement of Sindh Government spokesperson that attack on police bus is the result of police actions in Karachi, whereas the Taliban has accepted the responsibility of bomb blast on police bus near Razzaqabad in Karachi. The Sindh Government spokesperson defends and rewards the police officers involved in extra-judicial execution of MQM workers but their legs tremble to name Taliban terrorists involved in the brutal and barbaric murder of police personnel. Their meaningless statements demonstrate that the Government of Sindh is not sincere in the Karachi Operation and spending large funds to divert the direction of the operation towards the MQM. Now this operation is not against the Taliban and other criminals and similar to the 19 June 1992 operation the direction of this operation too has been diverted to crush the MQM and Mohajirs. Mr Hussain said that he wants to inform the nation that this operation is not to eliminate and deal with the Taliban terrorists and other extremists outfits or criminals but it is targeted against the MQM and the Government of Sindh is totally misleading and misguiding the Federal Government.  The Government of Sindh must inform us how many Taliban and other extremists and religious terrorists have been arrested? He reminded that the Taliban terrorists murdered the CID Officer Chaudhry Aslam in broad daylight and accepted the responsibility, which is a slap on the face of Government and Administration. The Government and Administration should have taken a coordinated action against the Taliban terrorists in Karachi, however, instead the police and rangers are only targeting the MQM with a view to crush it and unleash a reign of terror upon Mohajirs, whereas, the Taliban terrorists have been given a free hand and as a result today’s horrific incident occurred resulting in the death and injuries to dozens of police personnel in Karachi.

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