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MQM plans aggressive campaigning for LG polls & demands timely polls

MQM plans aggressive campaigning for LG polls & demands timely polls
 Posted on: 1/1/2014 1
Deputy Convener of MQM’s coordination committee Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has said that the spirit of democracy lies in electoral process. MQM wants to have local-body’s election on Jan 18 and plans aggressive campaigning. Despite MQM’s positive attitude PPP has always tried to sabotage the election process and has tried to snatch MQM’s mandate through negative propaganda. The current government of PPP has failed to maintain law and order situation and Chief Minister should give equal opportunity to all political parties to contest elections. He was speaking to media persons in a press conference in Khursheed Memorial Hall, Azizabad and was accompanied by deputy convener Eng. Nasir Jamal and other members of coordination including Qasim Ali Raza, Aslam Afridi and Dr. Sagheer Ahmed. He said that elections have already been announced on Jan 18 and MQM wants to contest election in cordial environment to start the development process across Sindh. As part of our campaigning MQM will have large public gathering in Bagh-e-Mustafa ground in Hyderabad on January 3 while another large public gathering will be held in Karachi on Jan 5 in a ground near Aladin in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.
The election process after the historic judgment of SHC will be very successful and that MQM wants make this process effective and successful. Despite our positive attitude, PPP tried to fix MQM in the murder of Alim belong to Shia sect and we strongly condemn that and demand the arrest of actual murderers and stop defaming MQM. Everyone knows that terrorists belonging to Liyari gang war raped two women and killed whole family brutally merely for the supporter of MQM.
He further said that MQM believes in peace and struggling inline of Mr. Altaf Hussain’s philosophy. He also appealed the people of Sindh to make this election a peaceful one and invited them to join MQM’s public gatherings. In response to a question he said that delimitation carried out in Musharraf’s era could not benefit MQM because MQM did not participate in that election. He also said that thankfully MQM has the mandate of both Karachi and Hyderabad for over two decades and hoped that with the support of people this mandate would remain with MQM.

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