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Sooner or later, it is imperative for the people to confront the oppressors-- Altaf Hussain

Sooner or later, it is imperative for the people to confront the oppressors-- Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/7/2024 1
Sooner or later, it is imperative for the people to confront the oppressors ——————————————- Ninety-eight percent of Pakistan's population grapples with deprivation, lacking access to basic life necessities. Those afflicted by poverty, inflation, and unemployment are compelled to endure hunger. Prolonged power outages, gas shortages, and water scarcity exacerbate their plight, turning their lives into a torment—especially during scorching summer months. Despite the fact that 98% of the impoverished and middle-class citizens in the country are deprived of essential utilities like electricity and gas, they are still burdened with exorbitant bills. These bills arrive at their doorsteps, demanding thousands of rupees. Meanwhile, these struggling individuals, who yearn for their daily sustenance, grapple with the dilemma of how to settle these hefty charges for water, electricity, and gas. Adding to this inequity, income tax is levied upon the hardworking labor force, even affecting small shopkeepers. Curiously, the agricultural income of affluent landlords and influential figures remains untaxed, as they enjoy preferential treatment in the form of tax exemptions and subsidies. Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan, the people of this city pay the highest taxes but the residents are being deprived of basic facilities like electricity, gas and water despite paying huge bills. On the one hand, they are deprived of basic facilities, on the other hand, illegal taxes are being imposed on them. A tax has also been imposed on boring water in Karachi. Army generals are helping the anti-people actions of the Sindh government's cruel feudal lords and raiders because they get paid to impose illegal taxes on the people. The people of Sindh are in a very bad situation, while the ruling class of Sindh is enjoying themselves, the feudal lords of Sindh are robbing the treasury of the province and looting the resources of Sindh. It makes it difficult. The doors of government jobs have already been completely closed to the Muhajirs. Jobs are either being given to the descendants of landlords, bureaucrats and their relatives or are sold for millions of rupees. They are being sold. Now, where do poor Sindhis get millions of rupees of bribes to get government jobs? The law and order situation in Sindh is completely destroyed, large-scale robbery and looting incidents are going on in Karachi, armed robbers are roaming around innocent citizens with complete freedom. They are killing them, but instead of taking action against the killers, political workers are being arrested and forced to disappear. On the other hand, gangs of robbers are openly carrying out kidnappings for ransom in the rural areas of Sindh, releasing videos of the kidnapped, but neither the army, nor the Rangers, nor the Sindh police go to suppress these robbers and kidnappers, because the ransom money is huge. The share goes to Sindh ministers, PPP leaders and senior officers of the Army and Rangers. The people of Karachi are already desperate and deprived of the basic amenities of life. There is no one to listen to, the people will have to come out one day against these unending injustices, cruelty and brutality and leave their homes to get their rights or else. Then neither we nor our generations will be safe from the life of slavery and humiliation. ALTAF HUSSAIN July 5, 2023. Study circle on TikTok

7/20/2024 10:51:30 AM