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Altaf Hussain urges masses to unite against dividing elements

Altaf Hussain urges masses to unite against dividing elements
 Posted on: 11/30/2013
Source: Pakistan Today
KARACHI -  Founder and Leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain on Saturday urged the masses to keep a close watch on miscreants involved in spreading hatred and sectarian violence. In a telephonic address to MQM’s office bearers of different subsidiary organisations at Nine-Zero, Altaf Hussain said that though law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are responsible for maintaining law and order situation but it is also the moral duty of citizens to keep watch on elements involved in unlawful practices.
He advised the office bearers to keep the masses aware of the prevailing situation across the country and taking solid steps to resolve the problems faced by masses. The MQM chief also appealed the citizens to confirm the identity before selling or letting their houses on rent, so that they could not fall victim in the hands of militants.
Altaf vowed that his party will continue efforts and support to restore peace and maintain law and order across the country, especially in Karachi. He said that the anti-state elements through terrorism and sectarian violence wanted to destabilise the country. He emphasized that joint efforts were needed to deal with all issues because division over different issues will intensify the crises further.

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