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Ah! Muhammad Yousuf.

Ah! Muhammad Yousuf.
 Posted on: 10/23/2023
Ah! Muhammad Yousuf.

Today, as you departed from us, all your old and new colleagues, including me, are grieving your eternal departure, with tears in our eyes and our hands raised in prayers, that during the struggle for the rights, while remaining loyal to the cause, you sacrificed your life.

May Allah accept your sacrifice and bestow upon you the rank and status of martyrdom. Amen.

It is inscribed in the divine script that, "Those who are martyred in the way of truth (struggle), do not call them dead but they are alive." Indeed, martyrs may physically depart from us, but their mission, objectives, and true ideology remain alive forever.

My dear Muhammad Yousuf, your sacrifices for the movement are unparalleled and would remain on top.

You strived for the recognition of rights through devotion and all you did is like a tough pillar. Though the movement has lost you, a devoted and brave companion and the gap would remain unfilled but the courageous stances of yours for the movement would continue to remain like a candle in the dark.

It is also true that the thundering of this strong pillar of yours had sown the seeds for the emergence of new and powerful pillars in the movement, and their growth will further strengthen the movement.

May Allah Almighty grant you a place under His shade and in the company of Martyrs of Karbala and grant patience to all mourners. Ameen!

My dear son Muhammad Yousuf, you will always be remembered in hearts and I'll keep praying for your soul to stay elevated hereinafter.


Your spiritual Father,


October 23, 2023.


12/8/2023 3:18:13 PM