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 Posted on: 7/16/2023

Let me draw your attention towards the state of oppression being capped on the MQM with arbitrary arrests, discrimination, state atrocities, military crackdown, enforced disappearances and genocide of #Muhajirs and imposition of military-born splinter groups.  
I was very attentively tuned to your speech a few days ago. In reference to that, I am presenting a video clip of my tweet today. The people of #Karachi district Korangi had produced a procession July 9, 2023, in which they held MQM colours and national flags and raised slogans in favour of 
@OfficialMqm.Pakistani mainstream media published and broadcast things that pertained to me. The Lahore High Court had imposed sanctions on me in 2015 for 6 months. But the sanctions have entered the year 8 now. The participants of the rally also chanted slogans to end unlawful sanctions. Later, they got them disbursed peacefully. Later on, the paramilitary Rangers kicked off traditional crackdown and raided the homes of hundreds of #MQM workers and kidnapped many dozens.
A number of MQM comrades are those whose whereabouts are yet not known as they've been enforced to disappear in the captivity of the security agencies. Some are Taha Aamir, Shahzad Ali, Faiz Ali's nephew Faisal Ali and a worker's brother, Kamran. During the raids, the paramilitary Rangers personnel ransacked the movables and molested ladies. A senescent comrade Aftab Baqai aged 70+ who was a member of MQM advisory council, was arrested from his house that night, and after keeping him missing for a day, he was transferred to the Zaman Town  Police station, from where he was sent to jail again under the #Sindh government's draconian law, MPO even after receiving bail from the court, and similarly, all arrested workers were also sent to jail again under the MPO, even though they had been granted bail. Now, it is also reported that all the detainees are being transferred from Karachi Central Jail to remote jails in rural Sindh, and similarly, the arrested workers from Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, and Umerkot are also being transferred from city jails to the remote jails of Sindh, so that their families can be further subjected to mental torture and distress. My question is whether the people of Korangi committed crime by producing a peaceful political procession? The paramilitary Rangers and Police are still continuing the raids and arrests against that peaceful political procession. According to the Sindh government's orders, even the arrested people are being sent to jail under the MPO, is this action legal? Further, is it legal for the Sindh government to arrest a senior citizen and respected leader like Aftab Baqai on false charges and then send him to jail again under the MPO, which order the Sindh government has placed. I request you to immediately issue orders for the release of all detained and missing MQM comrades including the respected senior leader, Mr Aftab Baqai.

Thank you, 

July 16, 2023 (LONDON)

2/29/2024 5:17:52 AM