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 Posted on: 7/24/2023

If we analyse the rise and fall of kingdoms, nations, and empires from the history of the past until today, without prejudice, we will know that their defeats, breakage and fall have had numerous causes or reasons. Let me tell you that the menace of corruption had no parallel to any cause or reason which is the essence of the following description of the fall of empires. If we evaluate Pakistan, we can't find any corruption-free government department or institution in Pakistan. If we evaluate the power and influence of all Pakistani government institutions, we would come to the conclusion that the Army tops the list. The on duty military generals are the most corrupt creatures on Earth as they consume taxpayer's money, usurp the land resources and above all, they can't be prosecuted as they are immune to accountability. Those who are eager to establish the root cause of destruction of Pakistan could wander around different routes and paths but finally, they would declare the menace of corruption as the first and final root cause. Not only this but the fall of Dacca was the basis of massive corruption of the on duty military top brasses. Their greed for money and absolute power created Bangladesh. The "Hamood Ur Rahman Commission" which was constituted to find the traces of the creation of Bangladesh would reveal that corrupt generals are the real perpetrators who conspired against the unity and sanctity of Pakistan. From the very moment of the creation of Pakistan till this moment, the judges of the apex court gave a free hand to the power-and-money-hungry top brasses of the cunning military of Pakistan who frequently imposed martial law so as to enslave the remaining slot. The General-Judge sly consortium is the dark side of the history of the country. The top brasses of the military are directly responsible for the skyrocketing inflation, lawlessness and collapsed economy. The military establishment has placed every single industrial, corporate, public or private business entity under the administrative control of on duty or retired military officers. Henceforth, these have either bankrupted or facing acute shortages of funds. The military establishment sucked its lion share first. This is the reason that every department is free to follow its own path and to engage in massive corruption. Life-Moving utility services such as electricity, gas, water, and petrol are being made a vanity to the 240 million people. The graph of inflation is set to soar to the skies daily.  For instance, those responsible for providing electricity such as WAPDA, K-Electric and other organisations are inflating their bills on the backing of the power-and-money-hungry military generals. Involvement of military generals and officers in Business Empire is beyond any regulatory body's jurisdiction as they can overthrow the democratically elected government, divide the popular political parties into groups because they have power but they never use that power for the elimination of corruption. People are struggling due to the lack of essential items such as electricity, gas, water, and petrol. However, no one is held accountable for their sufferings. Institutions responsible for electricity, gas and water supply are imposing super taxes arbitrarily and thus the 240 million people are easily grilled. They are sandwiched by the poverty, inflation, lawlessness and misuse of state powers. In order to resolve the variety of crises, the only way forward for the 240 million people is to stay united and bring a revolution on the patterns of the French Revolution.
If the 240 million people fail to get united then the country would get erased from the atlas soon. May God forbid that Pakistan has to see such times.We must take a critical analysis of history, and as you are aware, this month is the "Muharram Al Haraam" and we must learn a lesson from it. Imam Hussain, the elders, the youth, the innocent children, and even the honorable women did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the battlefield of Karbala against the oppressor and tyrant ruler "Yazid" by sacrificing their lives for the cause. The Karbala incident teaches us that we should not hesitate from offering sacrifices.
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2/29/2024 4:56:30 AM