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SANITY MUST PREVAIL ......... Altaf Hussain On Twitter

SANITY MUST PREVAIL .........  Altaf Hussain On Twitter
 Posted on: 5/28/2023
SANITY MUST PREVAIL ......... The powerful manipulators of all affairs in Pakistan are well-identified and are no secret. The manipulators should realise they should stop what they're doing and should allow sanity to prevail or else they would soon vanish. There's an old maxim that those who run faster always get stumbled. So, the manipulators should listen to sane advice from the experienced senescent. Haste is an act of the cursed Satan. Compelling the lawmakers from Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) ranks and files to change party affiliation is an act of tyranny and would never bear fruit. Instead, these forced changes will humiliate the powerful manipulators. What we watch on TV screens every day is nothing but jugulary. The people have rejected it at all. The tragedy is that the political engineering is at its worst today because the leaders have been so deeply pressurised that they find no other way out for the safety of their families and themselves. This political engineering instills hatred among the hearts of die-hard political activists and they always vent their fury on the deserters whether under compulsion. My heart bleeds on this, too. Since these acts of tyranny are for the political engineers and are absolutely counterproductive, it, in addition, revamps the passion and causes a brisk escalation of admiration to their leader. The MQM is an example because its popularity, strength and adherence is being enhanced every day though the political engineers had dreamed of eliminating it by compelling its workers and office-bearers, lawmakers and organisational managers to change parties and desert their leader Altaf Hussain. It is a bitter truth that the political workers never welcomed such forced political engineering. It means that though the political engineers successfully suppress a party for the time being but in fact, they are the losers and stay rejected. It's a known fact that during the past 45 years, I was subjected to unnecessary and unwanted tyranny. Nonetheless, the forces of tyranny couldn't deplete the strength but instead it keeps growing. Let me pass on to the military establishment a sane advice that every daughter of Eve is also a mother, sister, daughter and wife and must be respected. The almighty has placed Heaven under her feet. Raping women in custody is horrible. It's a heinous crime. It is unpardonable. Those who are hurting women in custody are the followers of the Cursed Satan and verily they have invited the wrath of the almighty here and hereinafter. Sooner or later, their own daughters and sisters will face the same fate because it's the law of nature. My demand for the managers of current abusive situations is simple and it's that they must refrain from mistreating the women of the The powerful law enforcers, who abuse and mistreat should not forget that they also have sisters and daughters. ALTAF HUSSAIN LONDON 28 May 2023

9/25/2023 5:10:21 AM