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Chief of Army Staffs Gen. Asim Munir

Chief of Army Staffs Gen. Asim Munir
 Posted on: 5/22/2023
Chief of Army Staffs Gen. Asim Munir Today, May 22, 2023, Almost every public and private televisions broadcasted your statement and I watched it. The statement was that the Pakistan military establishment is unbiased and has never been involved in people's petty regional, ethnic, political matters. The statement further reads that the Pakistan military of which you are now the Commander-in-Chief knows no prejudices. Nevertheless, I totally disagree with you. In order to justify your claims, there is dire need that a fact finding commission should be constituted The commission should reach the aggrieved families of the martyrs of the MQM who were martyred in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur from 1992 till date. The commission should witness their statements, meet the families of the workers enforced to disappear. The commission should engage them for a successive couple of weeks so as to record every evidence. The commission should prepare a comprehensive and impartial report. I'm confident that the report of the commission would contradict your stances. It would prove the bias, discrimination and tyranny of Pakistan military instantly. Then you will realise the facts on grounds that Pakistan military is grossly involved in people's regional, ethnic and political matters and is biased. This is known fact and no misleading statement can give a cover to this reality. Mr Asim Munir! The creation of MQM Haqiqi, Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) and MQM-P known as MQM Bahadurabad is itself a contradiction of your statement because even a kid of today knows the reality that who created these notorious splinter groups within the MQM. Once you peruse each single word of the proposed commission report, you should reform in the ranks and file of the Pakistan military. Please try to keep the military to its assigned professional duties and thus protect Pakistan. Once you do this, your name will be inscribed with golden words in history. You will achieve a reward for doing this good work in this world and the hereinafter.
4/23/2024 5:00:32 PM