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I was placed under an embargo for 6 months by the Lahore High Court in September 2015 -- Altaf Hussain On Twitter

I was placed under an embargo for 6 months by the Lahore High Court in September 2015 -- Altaf Hussain On Twitter
 Posted on: 5/15/2023

I was placed under an embargo for 6 months by the Lahore High Court in September 2015. The mainstream print and e-Media was restricted not to broadcast my speech, publish my statements and photos. Slain Barrister dared to represent me in the Lahore High Court to challenge the embargo. But she was assassinated through poisoning. The paramilitary Rangers abducted an ex-National Assembly member from the MQM, Nisar Panhwar a night after he had filed a constitutional petition against the embargo in the Sindh High Court. He was kept in unlawful custody the paramilitary Rangers for 45 days. One of the senior members, Aftab Baqai filed a petition for the same purpose in the Sindh High Court but he was told to file in the Lahore High Court. On the other hand, the political and religious parties of the country keep trumpeting the drum of democracy, freedom of speech and basic human rights and equally come up with big demands for decisions per the norms and values of the democracy and laws of the land. They frequently produce political processions and gather crowds. Conversely, rights organisations within the country speak louder on issues pertaining to human rights in Pakistan. These rights organisations raise voices on violations of the basic human rights in their reports and they condemn the arrests of various people and on restrictions imposed on them, but none of them and none of any political or religious party ever joined a single note or the chorus. They always kept their lips glued on the issue of the embargo on me despite that I'm the undisputed founder and leader of Pakistan's third and Sindh province's second largest political party. I'm the leader of many millions and my party, the MQM solely represents the urban part of Sindh province. Why? Because the military establishment is behind this and every nefarious design and the country's politicians are military puppets whose strings are maneuvered by the military masters. The political strength of these military puppets politicians are sheer chained voters. Can these chained workers dare to ask their leaders as why they do not raise their voice of concern against the unlawful and unconstitutional embargo on Altaf Hussain since 2015? The military of the country has since August 22, 2016, held my house known as Nine Zero under siege and sealed. Why did the political and religious parties remain silent on this unlawful and unconstitutional act of the military establishment? Can the embargo be justified under any law or any excuse? Certainly not. The silence of the political and religious parties on this issue is because they are also not free but chained. The ISI chief is their boss who pulls their strings sometimes up and sometimes down. The criminal silence of political and religious parties is just a sheer manifest of the hypocrisy and game if mutual vested interest. On various occasions, even these military puppets criticised the military top brass and even used offensive language. They had frequently been humiliating the top brass. But the military never retaliated. But in my case, the 6-month embargo has entered the year 8 today. I'm placing my questions before the common men of the country whose rights have also been badly usurped.

6/1/2023 2:28:13 PM