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State brutalities against MQM workers and supporters on the Day of Martyrs in Karachi

State brutalities against MQM workers and supporters on the Day of Martyrs in Karachi
 Posted on: 12/9/2021

State brutalities against MQM workers and supporters on the Day of Martyrs in Karachi

Torture on men, women, media persons by Rangers, dozens arrested, torture in custody

MQM appealed to the UN, all international organizations, democratic countries & human rights organizations to take immediate notice against state oppression


London, December 10, 2021

Dozens of MQM workers and supporters and media persons severely tortured by Para military Rangers, Police and other security forces while dozens were arrested in Karachi during Day of Martyrs. 

According to the details; MQM announced to hold Day of Martyrs yesterday and asked MQM workers and supporters to visit memorial of Martyrs in Jinnah Ground in Azizabad to offer Fatiha and pay tribute to the Martyrs but Rangers, police and government agencies had launched a series of raids and arrests in Karachi and Hyderabad, a day before of Martyrs Day.   

Yesterday entire area of ​​Azizabad was sealed, all roads, lanes and paths leading to Jinnah Ground were closed with vehicles and barricades.  Heavy contingents of Rangers and police were deployed at various places. No one was allowed to approach Jinnah Ground.

When relatives of the Martyrs, mothers, sisters, elders and youngsters tried to approach Martyrs memorial in a peaceful manner, to lay flowers on the memorials of their loved ones, women and elders tried to approach the Martyrs' Memorial with flowers but Rangers and police stormed them, snatched flowers and wreath from their hands, threw them on the ground and brutally tortured peaceful women, elders and youth. Took away their mobile phones, vehicles, their papers and all their belongings. Rangers and police personnel desecrated the Holy Quran which were in the hands of mothers and sisters and grabbed women by the hair. They were dragged, their scarfs were pulled, and they were brutally beaten with sticks and canes.

Para military Rangers, Police and other security forces not only arrested or tortured but also the male Rangers personnel searched the clothes of the veiled mothers and sisters of MQM and beat them up. Rangers, police have arrested dozens of people trying to visit the memorial, including mothers, sisters, youth and the elderly. whereabouts and well-being of these arrested persons were not clear.

Security forces also tortured media persons who were covering the brutalities on MQM workers and supporters by Para military Rangers.

Central Coordination Committee of MQM strongly condemn the brutalities committed by Para military Rangers, Police and other security forces. Convener of MQM, Mr. Tariq Jawaid condemned the atrocities. addressing a video briefing at the MQM International Secretariat in London with members of the Central Coordination Committee, Tariq Jawaid said that MQM workers, mothers of martyrs, sisters, brothers, elders and youth were not even allowed to offer Fatiha on the graves and memorials of their martyrs.  He said that the people of the country and the whole world have seen that in recent days the way an extremist organization in the name of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, has done terrorism. Killed police personnel’s and common citizens and destroyed public and private properties but instead of taking action against them, Imran Khan's so-called government, released all those arrested, as well as the Taliban who beheaded hundreds of soldiers and paramilitary personnel who cut off their heads and played football with their head, carried out suicide bombings in Pakistan. They made agreements with them. They released these Taliban terrorists. But MQM workers, mothers and sisters, elders were not allowed to go to Martyr’s memorial to recite the Fathia, rather subjected them to state oppression and barbarism

MQM Convenor Tariq Jawaid questioned what kind of a country it is, where government and army make agreements with the banned jihadis and militant organizations who do terrorism, bombings, suicide attacks and are brutal and savage beasts dismembering the bodies of innocent people. They make them wear garland of flowers but those who recite Fatiha in a peaceful manner for the sake of reward of Allah for the martyrs of Sindh are subjected to barbaric atrocities. Is it not cruelty? Who will say long live for those who are the inflictors of oppression

MQM Central Coordination Committee has appealed to the United Nations, all international organizations & democratic countries national and international human rights organizations to take immediate notice against the state oppression, inflicted upon the workers and people of MQM on the occasion of Martyrs Day in Karachi.


Tariq Jawaid said that we salute all the mothers, sisters, elders, youth and children who came to the memorial to pay homage to their martyrs despite all the atrocities, coercion, obstructions and arrests.

 He was grateful to those who came from Hyderabad, Sukkur and Umerkot to pay homage to the martyrs of the movement

 and to all the workers and sympathizers, mothers and sisters for reciting Qur'an and reciting Fatiha in connection with Martyrs' Day in Nawab shah, Sanghar, Tando Adam and other cities of Sindh and Punjab.  Rehan Ibadat, a member of the coordination committee, also spoke on the occasion.



1/17/2022 4:59:58 AM