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MQM represents downtrodden, oppressed middle class. Altaf Hussain

MQM represents downtrodden, oppressed middle class. Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/15/2022
MQM represents downtrodden, oppressed middle class. Altaf Hussain

London. November 15:
The Muttahida Qaumi Movement - or - MQM, solely represents the downtrodden and oppressed people of Pakistan hailing from different ethnic backgrounds. This was said by the MQM supremo while addressing his party activists in Los Angeles, USA He said, "I am not against the army or Punjabis."  "I  am only against oppression and injustice."He said that he is struggling for the end of injustices and for the rights of the downtrodden and oppressed people.His struggle mainly focused Mohajir Nation which is being oppressed since the inception of Pakistan and that struggle was started 44 years ago and is still in full swing.He said that he doesn't want to enjoy anyone's rights as his, but fairly wants a balance in the country in which all the nationalities, including Mohajirs, get their rights.He was talking to his party workers in Los Angeles on the occasion of a Dawat-e Haleem. He said that it has been his aim to unite the scattered ethnic groups so that they have equal rights while enjoying their separate cultural identity.
The MQM is that only political party of Pakistan that demands equal rights to the downtrodden and oppressed people of the country. It had pioneered raising them to the scale of Parliamentarians and thus the educated and talented youths sent to the Parliament.
On achieving the targets in urban Sindh, the MQM started reaching out to the poor, peasants, farmers and labourers across the country. Though, the country was founded in floods of blood of millions but soon the corrupt feudal elites grabbed the country and that feudal occupation is being continued till date. 
The feudal elite is not a single entity but this is a giant sly cabal of the corrupt elements from the military establishment and its secret agencies, he said. 
Hussain said that he has been hitting hard on the oppressors who have enforced the notorious status quo in the country.Consequently, The military establishment launched a lethal crackdown on June 19, 1992 with an aim to eliminate the MQM.He said that the military crackdown is still in full swing. Thousands of innocent party workers were extrajudicially executed. Unending atrocities find no full stop here even to date.Thousands of party activists have been unlawfully  imprisoned and as many enforced to disappear, he said adding that even his brother, nephew and brother-in-law were abducted by the military and were extrajudicially executed so that he could withdraw from his struggle but he didn't surrender.
Hussain said that the corrupt elements of the country's powerful military establishment and secret services have created splinter groups such as Haqiqi, PSP, MQMP to marginalize the MQM.With the fresh military crackdown after failing to marginslise and eliminate the MQM, the military establishment imposed sanctions on MQM and him. His speech can't be broadcast in Pakistan. MQM central office Nine Zero and other offices were sealed, he deplored. 
He said that when he opposed the military establishment's interference in the administrative and political affairs of the country, the ghoulish military establishment declared him a traitor and an enemy of the country.All the people across Pakistan believe that the military establishment is the epicentre of all terrorism.
Hussain said that any opposition to the military establishment is being considered an opposition to the people of Punjab because the military mainly constitutes 90 percent of its ranks and files from Punjab but this is totally wrong.
He said it loud and clear that he has never been an enemy to the people of Punjab and would never be.
"I am only against oppression and injustice."
He said he wants that Mohajirs and other ethnic groups that are being oppressed get equal rights and privileges in Pakistan.
The decayed feudal system has to be eliminated from Pakistan so that the country should progress and true democracy should replace it. Hence the disparity in all sections of life should also be eradicated and the rich and the poor find equal opportunities and 
facilities, and that there should zero gender discrimination, he explained.
Later, he appreciated party activists in Los Angeles.

12/9/2023 9:25:01 PM