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Fire erupts at MQM's former headquarters Nine Zero

Fire erupts at MQM's former headquarters Nine Zero
 Posted on: 9/9/2022 1

Fire erupts at MQM's former headquarters Nine Zero

Police say cause of fire apparently a short circuit; explosions also heard inside building

Our CorrespondentSeptember 09, 2022


A fire reportedly broke out at the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) former headquarters, Nine Zero, in Karachi on Friday.

However, the fire was controlled by two fire brigade vehicles. According to the police, the cause of the fire appeared to be a short circuit.

A Rangers spokesperson confirmed that the fire was controlled and the process of cooling was in progress. He furthered that the house had been cordoned off. No casualties were reported in the incident. However, a Rangers official was injured while extinguishing the fire.

Explosions were also reportedly heard during the fire and the bomb disposal squad had been summoned to determine the cause of these explosions.

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The police prohibited people present at the scene from making footage of the incident.

According to sources, the house was not in use. The house located in Karachi’s Azizabad area was used by the MQM in the past.

In 2016, the party’s headquarters, Nine Zero, was searched and subsequently sealed after activists of the party ransacked a private television station before clashing with police, leaving at least one person dead and over half a dozen injured.

The rioting drew widespread condemnation from all political parties and prompted action by the paramilitary Rangers. At least nine MQM leaders were detained.

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