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I want a corruption-free Pakistan," says MQM' supremo Altaf Hussain

I want a corruption-free Pakistan," says MQM' supremo Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/21/2022
I want a corruption-free Pakistan," says MQM' supremo Altaf Hussain
"True democracy should come in the country, feudalism should end"

LONDON.21 July, 2022:
Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of MQM, has said that he is not against Pakistan but the corrupt system. He said he is just against those few military Generals who continuously keep interfering in country's politics. He said so in his latest special address to the people of Punjab and military Generals, officers and soldiers, on Wednesday from London. While addressing the people of Punjab and the armed forces, he was prompted to rebuttals to notorious propaganda against the MQM. He placed his arguments to the Punjabi audience.
He defended the MQM and the Mohajir nation in a comprehensive manner with videos and pictures as evidence and facts.
The MQM supremo Altaf Hussain said that Punjab is the biggest province with the largest population and the facts are that people of Punjab have overwhelmingly flooded and occupied all civil and military spying agencies, Army, Navy, Air Force, all para military forces and civil and military bureaucracy.
Important civil and military positions are occupied by people belonging to Punjab, while Mohajirs, Sindhis, Baloch and Pakhtuns contribute a little microscopic share. A mindset has been created through brainwashing and people of Punjab have been told that those who belong to Punjab are loyal to Pakistan while the rest of country's population consisting of Pathan, Baloch, Sindhi, Mohajir, Seraiki, Kashmiri, Gilgiti, Baltistani, Hazarwals, etc, have dubious patriotism and anyone who talks about their rights is called a traitor. Even the forefathers of the Mohajirs knew that their areas would not be included in Pakistan, they sacrificed 2 million lives for the establishment of Pakistan, but they were declared traitors and agents of India. They were forcefully deprived of their job in civil bureaucracy and Mohajirs' industries were nationalised.
Hussain said that G. M. Syed voted in favour of the resolution of Pakistan in the Sindh Assembly, but when he spoke for the rights of Sindh, he was called a traitor and is still called a traitor.
He said that a referendum was held twice for the independence of Scotland in the United Kingdom, but none of those who supported independence were declared traitors. Likewise, nobody is termed traitor in Canada when Independence for Quebec province of Canada is demanded
He said that, unfortunately, in Pakistan, Governments and armed forces don't believe in bilateral dialogue but they resort to use of gun, state pressure and force.
Bengalis of former East Pakistan demanded their rights, but instead of giving them rights, force was used against them which resulted in the creation of a separate independent country, Bangladesh. Still, the facts behind the creation of Bangladesh aren't shared with the younger generation of the country.
He said that since Pakistan had recognised Bangladesh as an independent country, then why Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan which have different culture, language and civilisation do not have autonomy to run their own affairs?
Why rights of other oppressed nation in Pakistan are denied of their right under the UN charter.
Why is FATA still a seat of aggression, destruction and oppression?
The MQM supremo Altaf Hussain said that no Sindhi, Baloch, Mohajir or Pashtun usurps the rights of the poor and middle class of Punjab, but they are the feuds of Punjab who have robbed the poor Punjabis.
They were servants of the British Rule in the subcontinent and after British left the subcontinent, these traitor feuds were rewarded for their loyalty in form of extended agricultural lands
Mr. Hussain said that propaganda is done against MQM that it is the enemy of Punjabis and Pakhtuns. Strongly refuting the blame, he said that Punjabi, Pakhtuns and Sindhi families are living in his neighbourhood in Azizabad since long, nobody ever touched them.
Anybody can ask those Punjabis and Pakhtuns living in Karachi since long, that after attaining the status of third largest political party in the country, were any of them were asked to move away from any Mohajir dominated area? Were any Punjabi or Pakhtun dominated area was attacked?
On 14 December 1986, armed Pakhtuns attacked the residential areas of Mohajirs such as Aligarh Colony and Qasbah Colony in Karachi. They massacred the Mohajirs, set their houses ablaze and raped women. In 1987, ISI created an organisation of criminals named "Punjabi Pakhtun Ittehad" (PPI) and under the umbrella of agencies, armed attacks were carried out in Green Town, Model Colony, Jalalabad, Nazimabad, Khawaja Ajmer Nagri and other areas by the criminals of Punjabi Pakhtun Ittehad (PPI), MQM never took revenge.
Hussain categorically said that MQM is not against Punjabis, Pakhtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, Saraikis, Kashmiris, etc;
Instead MQM gave tickets to Punjabis, Pakhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi candidates and they were elected as law makers from MQM' dominated electoral constituencies.
He said that the right winger Jamaat-e Islami carries a notorious propaganda against the MQM despite the fact they have internationally been exposed for their crimes against humanity and number of Al-Qaeda terrorists were nabbed from houses of leaders of Jamaat-e Islami.
Even traitors of Mohajir nation like Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan freely operate in Karachi though under the umbrella of Army and country's prime secret service.
He said that once a traitor Aamir Khan was pardoned and allowed to join the MQM back.
Hussain said that country's prime secret service picks office-bearers and force them to switch their loyalty and then they conspire against the MQM and it's supremo.
MQM has never been against the army and has never attacked even a soldier.
He said that since June 19, 1992, the army has been carrying out a full-fledged military crackdown against MQM and has so far extrajudicially executed thousands of MQM' activists but the later has never taken arms against the military but made unlimited appeals to the courts for the provisioning of justice but to no avail.
I participated in the military cadet scheme during the time of General Yahya. During the 1971 war, I joined the Baloch regiment and participated in the defence of the country as a soldier in Sonmiani area of Balochistan. My desire was to protect the borders.
I am only against the corrupt military Generals who interfere in politics.
The military should only focus on country's defence and for this thought, the military declared me a traitor.
It is said that Altaf Hussain chanted "Down to Pakistan" on August 22, but it is not told and promoted the same day he made apology
He said the decayed feudal system in Pakistan should be completely abolished and the vast agricultural land should be distributed among the small peasants and farmers. He said feudalism and Pakistan cannot go together.

He said that the politics of dynasty should be eliminated from the country because the decayed system will never allow the people to form the government of the people by the people for the people. This is the war of the corrupt politicians of the two percent privileged class, corrupt military Generals and Altaf Hussain.
He said that he wants a corruption-free Pakistan where corruption is not allowed to the military Generals or a clerk.
He said he respects the honest Generals, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers.
Hussain said that in the meetings, processions and demonstrations of Muslim League-N and PTI in Punjab, slogans were raised against the army chief and the army, but none of them was touched. If people belonging to other provinces do the same thing, they are disappeared and killed extrajudicially. Journalists from Punjab are given special treatment in detention, but if journalists from other nations criticise, they are disappeared and killed. The injustices must be stopped.

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