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 Posted on: 5/3/2021 1


“MQM’s Central Coordination Committee demands for unsealing of MQM’s central office, 90, for lifting restrictions and ban on carrying out political works – Pakistan can stay safe when equality, justice and impartiality is ensured in all sections of life”

LONDON. May 3, 2021:

These are the flawed, deceptive and misleading policies of the state of Pakistan that have now started wreaking havoc on the country and subsequently, the masses are directly affected of variety of crises. The international community is considering imposing sanctions on Pakistan just because of these flawed, deceptive and misleading policies. Pakistan has unlawfully imposed ban on Mr. Altaf Hussain and his party, the Muttahida Quami Movement – or MQM, and now Pakistan is going to embrace strict sanctions which proves a maxim, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” If Pakistan is willing to scape sanctions by the international community, then it should also lift unlawful ban specially from Mr. Hussain and the state of Pakistan should unseal the residence of Mr. Hussain and his party’s (MQM) Central office known as Nine Zero (90).

These views were expressed by Tariq Jawiad, the Convener of the MQM’s Central Coordination Committee – or CCC in a video briefing at MQM International Secretariat in London. He was flanked by his CCC fellow members including Qasim Ali Raza, Mustafa Azizabadi and Arshad Hussain who also shared their views.

Mr. Jawaid said that the establishment has faced the music instead, for exterminating the MQM, they chose policies that never correlated to the ground realities, truth and justice. They are now facing repercussions that can’t be translated into letters. Pakistan is on the verge of extinction today. It is being banned at the international level. Patronage of banned and jihadi outfits and financing and sponsoring the terrorists gangs has pushed the country to the extremes of isolation and hence the country might soon be blacklisted under the FATF and serious international sanctions are hovering on top of the country. Taking first step forward, the United Kingdom (UK)  has placed Pakistan to its list of high-risk countries on terrorism and money laundering charges, under which the UK has begun imposing restrictions on remittances to Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan was sinking into a quagmire due to the wrong policies of the Military Establishment and the spectacle was that the rulers of Pakistan did not even care about it.  On the contrary, the incumbent PTI’s government is misleading the people by imposing a lie that Pakistan does not fall under the grey list category of the FATF.

“Approval of the resolution by the European Parliament to withdraw the status of GSP+ from Pakistan is also a repercussion of the policies of the military establishment and today the whole world is chasing Pakistan.”

If Pakistan was to be protected from international sanctions, the unconstitutional and illegal ban imposed on Mr. Hussain should be lifted immediately, the MQM's Central office called Nine Zero should be opened and the ban on MQM's political activities should be lifted, he said.

Referring to the by-elections in NA-249 constituency of Karachi National Assembly, Mr. Jawaid said that the people of Karachi had rejected that by-election indifferently and proved that they are still with Quaid-e Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain. He applauded the social media colleagues on the hashtag run by MQM's central social media in this regard.

CCC member Qasim Ali Raza said that it was unfortunate that a banned party also participated in the recent by-elections on a National Assembly seat, NA-249 while the MQM, which is a legal party, was banned from all its political activities. The overall voters’ turnout remained as just 21 percent in by-polls on NA-249 that made it clear to the world that the real vote bank of MQM is still with Mr. Hussain and that with such a low turnout, the by-election should be declared null and void.

During past several years, the military establishment left no stone unturned to isolate the MQM but to no avail. Instead, Mr. Hussain continued to attract more and more followers, workers and sympathisers

Since past several years, the military establishment did everything to keep people away from Mr. Hussain but to no avail and instead, the people of Baldia Town even rejected those who parted ways from Mr. Hussain on August 23, 2016  and proved their relations with their beloved leader, Altaf Hussain, he remarked.

CCC member Mustafa Azizabadi said that the brutal and suppressive rights situation in Pakistan is disastrous to the country’s fate and future and the world can’t sit idle with eyes closed and allow Pakistani establishment to keep their oppressive agenda. the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, while addressing a virtual conference, himself said that in Pakistan, journalists and civil society are banned from expressing their views, threats to journalists and their families by the military and security forces are rampant and enforced disappearances are on rise. He said that our voice is also suppressed by the establishment in Pakistan and every attempt is made to dupe the people of the country and the international community but truth always prevails and the lies are lost to shameful ending.

It has been five years since the military establishment sealed MQM’s Central office, Nine Zero (90). Thousands of MQM workers have so far been extrajudicially killed and thousands are facing unlawful cases while thousands are missing, he said, adding that journalists are being abducted and tortured by the army and its agencies. Today, the lies of the army and all its institutions are being exposed to the world and the world itself is saying that the rights situation in Pakistan is very serious. He said that the army, Rangers and their agencies must answer to the world for targeting oppression. The journalists’ fraternity, intellectuals and people of Pakistan should rise against this dictatorship.

CCC member Arshad Hussain highlighted the details of relief activities carried out on the instructions of Quaid-e Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain and said that Mr. Hussain, who is an imminent philanthropist, wants to see the indigent is served. He also appeal to the philanthropists to come forward and join us to help the people in need in the month of Ramzan.


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