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MQM to dispose 50% of city garbage during Clean Karachi Campaign

MQM to dispose 50% of city garbage during Clean Karachi Campaign
 Posted on: 3/14/2016
The Senior Deputy Convener of MuttahidaQuami Movement DrFarooqSattar said that MQM was cleaning and collecting garbage from 10 to 15 UCs on daily basis under the “Clean Karachi Campaign.”
Talking to a press briefing at UC-22 in Ranchor Lines, DrFarooq said that the UCs 23 to 25 were already cleaned during the drive and currently working at Lakhpat hotel, GuddiChowk, Jameela Street, and AmbajiWela road of UC-22 and collected tonnes of garbage from those congested areas. He said that the city produced 24 tonnes of garbage daily and MQM had been disposed 25 percent of total city garbage.
He said that they could not dispose more than 25 percent because they did not have appropriate machinery and resources but people thoroughly participated in the campaign. He said that MQM was planning to adapt Turkish underground garbage disposable system for Karachi.
Meanwhile, the nominated-Mayor WasimAkhter said that the PPP and Sindh government deprived Karachiites from hygienic environment and never paid any heeds to the proper sanitation and garbage disposal. He said that the Clean Karachi Campaign would be successful only because of the people’s support and participation.
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