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All institutions must perform duties within their parameters: Altaf Hussain

All institutions must perform duties within their parameters: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/26/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain said here on Friday that all the institutions of the country should perform their duties within their parameters so as to close forever the door of dictatorial rule and to promote democratic culture in the country.
The MQM chief was talking over phone to the Pakistan Muslim League-N delegation which visited MQM headquarters `90’ to seek support for their party’s nominee for presidential election, Mamoon Hussain. The PML-N delegation comprised its central leaders Ishaq Dar, Mamnoon Hussain, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, Zafar Jhaggra, Salim Zia and Nehal Hashmi.
Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, MQM Coordination Committee’s deputy conveners, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Engineer Nasir Jamal, the Committee’s members and elected representative were present on the occasion.
Earlier, the PML-N delegation upon its arrival at the MQM’s headquarters was greeted and garlanded with flowers by MQM Coordination Committee.
Welcoming the PML-N delegation at his Azizabad residence, Altaf Hussain assured that the MQM and he would not leave any stone unturned for the survival, progress and prosperity of Pakistan as well as for the welfare of its people.
On this occasion, Mr Hussain urged the PML-N delegation to convey his message to the Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif that he had forgotten all the bitterness of the past and considered them as his brothers.
“Some misunderstanding has cropped up between us. Altaf Hussain is also a human being and not an angel,” Mr Hussain remarked, saying that let us bury the hatchets of the past and let us together begin a new journey for steering out the country from economic, electricity, gas and water crises and for the resolution of other people’s problems.
The MQM chief said that Pakistan being the only nuclear state among all the Islamic states, some foreign powers wanted that Pakistan should not remain a nuclear power and plan of such powers was to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear capability and hence it was incumbent upon all of us to demonstrate unity to foil such a conspiracy.
Assuring the PML-N leaders that he and the MQM was with them against the conspiracy of depriving the country of its nuclear capability, Mr Hussain said that “mine as well as of my colleagues’ lives was a trust of the Almighty Allah and Pakistan and whenever you will call me I will return to Pakistan.”
The MQM chief said that we should jointly strive hard to improve Pakistan’s economic and law and order situation, schools and hospitals system, besides getting rid of the corruption that had assumed the proportion of a cancerous disease.
He said that since every party has its own ideology and philosophy they be allowed to perform accordingly so as to promote democratic culture in the country as well as to block the dictatorial rule forever.
The MQM chief said that though the Pakistan belonged to armed forces, agencies, poor and rich people alike, its people should alone have the right to rule over the country.
Everyone should discharge their duties within their parameters and those who task is to run the affairs of government and democracy be allowed to do so, he said, adding that “we will, Inshallah, learn with our mistakes and will strengthen the democracy in the country”.
He urged the Muslim Leaguers to convey his message to the Prime Minister that difference of opinion take place in every country but ultimately the country is one. Even in America there was a fearful civil war but with end of the war, everyone worked with unison and transformed America into a super power.
Referring to the challenges of terrorism, disappearance of people from different areas and finding of mutilated bodies from different parts of the country, particularly from Balochistan, Mr Hussain said that all such brutal acts should come to end and those responsible for such acts must be given exemplary punishment.
“Judges who take oath for the supremacy of the country’s law should not worry about deaths as it was a natural phenomenon and we should pray that whenever we breathe our last we should be blessed with Kalma Tayyaba, he concluded.

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