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MQM Co-ordination Committee demands judicial commission to probe extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearences of party workers

MQM Co-ordination Committee demands judicial commission to probe extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearences of party workers
 Posted on: 6/3/2015 1
The MQM Co-ordination Committee has demanded establishment of a judicial commission to probe the extrajudical killings and enforced disappeareance of workers.
Addressing a Press Conference at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, member of the MQM Co-ordination Committee Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Kanwer Naveed Jamil have said the enforced disappearances of MQM workers and their extrajudicial killings have started once again in Karachi.
They said that the extrajudicial murder of Waseem Dehlvi of Unit 117 of Baldia Town Sector had established the fact.
The Co-ordination Committee announced two days of peaceful mourning on the brutal killing of Waseem Dehlvi in police custody. It also thanked traders, shopkeepers and business persons for supporting the call for peaceful mourning.
Members of the Co-ordination Committee said that 92 MQM workers, who were arrested by various agencies taking part in the Karachi Operation, were still missing. Forty workers were killed extrajudicially, and none of the personal responsible for these killings was arrested.
They demanded President, Prime Minister, and Interior Minister to give some attention to the extrajudicial killings in Karachi as it was their responsibility. They lamented the silence of the judiciary on this issue.
The MQM Co-ordination Committee demanded that a judicial commission should be established to probe the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killing of MQM workers.
Dr Maqbool said that that plain-clothes police personnel raised the house of Waseem Dehlvi on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. They arrested Waseem and his two brothers and shifted them to an unknown place.
“Waseem’s family members and MQM tried to get information about their whereabouts from all concerned agencies and police officials, but they expressed their ignorance about them.”
“Plain-clothes personnel belonging to various agencies arrive in vehicles having no number plates. They abduct MQM workers from their homes, and no one hears about them again. This breach of the law has been going on for quite some time now. Mutilated bodies of some of the workers abducted by government agencies in this manner have been found from uninhabited places.”
“Waseem was subjected to brutal torture in Aziz Bhatti Police Station resulting in his death. They autopsy conducted in Jinnah Hospital has also established the cause of death as brutal torture to lead to cardiac arrest.”
The Co-ordination Committee said that a torture cell was discovered at Aziz Bhatti Police Station sometimes back. Police personnel who are involved in torturing Waseem were suspended on the same charges in past as well, but strangely they were reinstated, and no action was taken against them.
The committee said that New Karachi Sector In-charge Ali Raza, Gulshan-i-Iqbal Sector In-charge Muhammad Shahid and Medical Aid Committee member Fariduddin also disappeared in the same manner, and no one knows anything about them.
“MQM had demanded the Karachi Operation but like all operations conducted in the past, this one also assumed a political angle. Instead of going after and eliminating target killers and terrorists from Karachi, the MQM is being victimized. “
“MQM Co-ordination Committee member Amir Khan was taken away as a guest on 11th March 2015 after a raid on Nine Zero. But there are information that he is being implicated in a false case.”
The Co-ordination Committee said a monitoring committee was proposed to redress complaints of excesses during the operation but despite our repeated demand this oversight committee has not been formed. Police, Rangers, and other law-enforcing agencies have been given license to target MQM workers and sympathizers.
They said that certain officials of Sindh Police had personal death squads. They arrest people and demand huge bribes for their release.
The Co-ordination Committee members warned Sindh Police to desist from illegal actions otherwise they will have to face the wrath of the people of Karachi.
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