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Interest of Pakistan is above everythins else- Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 1/12/2012

Conversation with 
the head of the Fata Grand Alliance Malik Khan Marjan on the telephone 

Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that  he holds the interests of Pakistan above everything else, and he was ready to talk to the Taliban for the survival, security, peace and stability of the country. He said this while talking to the head of the Fata Grand Alliance Malik Khan Marjan on the telephone.

He said, “The forces inimical to Pakistan wanted to set us against each other hence I appeal to all Taliban leaders, youths, and students to see through the conspiracies of the enemies of Pakistan and take recourse of dialogues instead of resorting to violence. I ask them to hold consultations with the tribal elders, dignitaries and other God-fearing persons.”

“Islam is the religion of peace and security. It teaches peace, security, love and harmony instead of violence and coercion. Islam enjoins upon us to acquire knowledge. There is a hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that acquiring knowledge is mandatory every man and woman hence destroying school buildings is not right by any standard.”

“We want to bring a system in the country that ushers stability. The army should be in the barracks instead of being present in the tribal areas. The local police, forces, and public of the tribal areas should be responsible for peace and security in their areas. They should be autonomous in conducting their affairs.”

Agreeing with the views of Mr Hussain the head of the Fata Grand Alliance Mr Marjan said, “We believe in dialogue. Negotiations should be held with the tribal elders instead of using power against youths in the tribal areas. They need better counselling. The enemy is using us and causing damage by setting us against each other.”

Mr Marjan further said, “Great injustices have been done to the people of Fata. They are deprived and dispossessed. If the people have had their rights, the present problems would not have been there. Some elements want to use Fata reforms for their own illegal and vested interests, but the tribes will assert and maintain their tribal identity.”

Mr Marjan thanked Mr Hussain for raising voice for the Qabailistan province and added that the way Mr Hussain had spoken about the Qabailistan province along with the creation of Hazara and Seraiki provinces had given strength to their demand. He said that all the deprived and exploited people of the country would carry forward the struggle of rights.

Mr Marjan said that it was not the time to spread hatred. The time called for love and harmony. He said that the oppressed people of the country wanted to strengthen the country and not weaken it.

Mr Hussain said that the people of Fata had rendered immense sacrifices for Pakistan. “We value their sacrifices and understand that the people of Fata must get their rights. The MQM is with the tribal people of Fata and supports their rights. It is raising its voice forcefully for the Qabailistan province along with the Hazara and the Seraiki provinces. No one can now stop the creation of the Qabailistan province.”

Mr Hussain said that he has told the MQM parliamentarians that the people of the tribal areas are our brothers. They would raise a voice for the rights of the people of the tribal areas in the National Assembly, Senate and other forums.

Mr Hussain said that tribal people living in different parts of the world were calling MQM International Secretariat. They have welcomed the demand for the creation of the Qabailistan province. He said that the bond of friendship developed between the MQM, and Fata would grow stronger with the passage of time.  

Mr Marjan thanked Mr Hussain for expression solidarity with the people of Fata and for raising voice for the Qabailistan province on behalf of all the tribes living in Fata.

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