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History would always regard foundation of APMSO: Altaf Hussain

History would always regard foundation of APMSO: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/11/2013
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Founder and leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain has said that the only solution of all the social problems is education. He said that to be a conqueror one does not need to swords but one can certainly conquer the world by knowledge and education. He said that knowledge is God and God is knowledge and people know wish to seek God should seek knowledge and the more you get knowledgeable the nearer you get to the God. He said that education and knowledge propagate love and do not spread hatred and where there is knowledge and education; there would be no sectarianism and no killing in the name of religion and sects. He said that people who stop women from getting education and explode girls’ schools in the name of religion must be condemned. He said that if it was prohibited for women to get education, it should have been forbidden from them to study Quran.
Mr. Hussain was delivering a thought provoking address over the phone on the commemoration of 35th Foundation of All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) here at LalQila ground in Azizabad. The main theme of the whole address was ‘Knowledge’ and he referred to a number of Quranic verses, saying of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), parables, ancient legends and scientific evidences to elaborate the importance and usability of knowledge and education and specially asked new generation’s student to focus on education play their part in development and progress of the society and country.
The address was broadcast live in Karachi, Hyderabad, Tando Ilahyaar, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Sanghar and the cities of southern Punjab including Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal and Muzaffargarh. The office bearers and workers of APMSO from across Pakistan participated in the commemoration and chanted slogans passionately for long in favor of Mr. Altaf Hussain.
Mr. Hussain congratulated the office bearers and workers of APMSO present in Pakistan and across the world on the 35th foundation day of APMSO and said that since the dawn of history recording, the 11th June 1978 (The foundation date of APMSO) would always stand out with a peculiar credit to be the only student organization that gave birth to a political party of middle class people despite the odds of corrupt political culture, medieval feudal system and capitalism. He said that APMSO did not merely gave birth to a political party but also sent educated and middle class people to legislative assemblies and other power corridors including local body government and gave them the opportunity to sit with the feudal lords and big industrialists and practically proved that humans are equal and proved that wealth is not the parameter of supremacy but the character and to have a better character knowledge and education is a must.
He said that the current technological advancements have only been possible because of knowledge and education and discussed, television, aeronautics, tablets and so forth to prove the point that if you took such things 100~150 years back the people would see it as a magic. He said that people at that time could not even imagine such things and could not conceive that distances will have no value in future and long distances would be covered in a very short span of time as compared to weeks, months and years. He said that knowledge and education makes you capable to look into newer avenues with a clearer vision and that ultimately promises development and success. He said that every disease can be cured because of knowledge that is powered by research and said that merely a blood test tells a lot about diseases that helps in curing and that people had no idea about this in past and this has only been possible because of knowledge and education. He said that there is no disease that cannot be cured but the condition remains the same that one needs to have knowledge and education for that. He stressed while speaking to students and said that if you want to solve any problem get knowledge, if you want progressive economy get knowledge, if you want to find the ways to curb the menace of corruption from Pakistan get knowledge and if you want to see a prosperous and sovereign Pakistan get knowledge and education.
He said that only by educating and providing knowledge we can produce Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Darwin, Bu Ali Sina, Tibri, Khuldoon people like Albert Einstein.
He said that he would never teach any bad lesson to students and has always educated them with high moral standards and taught them to respect everyone including women. He asked students to vow to always speak truth regardless of the potential problems that they may face. In the end, he prayed for all the students that May Allah enlighten their minds and fulfill all lawful wishes and said that seeking knowledge is devotion and is the path to find God. He finished his address with the slogans of Pakistan and APMSO.

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