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It is our firm resolve that we will not surrender in front of terrorists: Altaf Hussain

It is our firm resolve that we will not surrender in front of terrorists: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/5/2013 1
The MQM wants to strengthen the concept of one nation by demolishing the prejudices of religion, caste and region
Address to an election meeting in Jahaniyan
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the struggle of the MQM would not stop and we and would not surrender in front of terrorists. “Although the innocent workers and sympathizers of the MQM are being targeted by the terrorists, yet it is our strong determination that we will not bow down.”
Addressing a huge election meeting in Jinnah Park Stadium in Tehsil Jahaniyan of southern Punjab Mr Hussain said that the MQM wanted to strengthen the concept of one nation in Pakistan by demolishing the prejudices of religion, beliefs, language, and region. The MQM wanted to realize the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal. The MQM did not want Pakistan to fall in the hands of jihadists and Taliban.
Mr Hussain said that the feudal lords and moneyed people conspired against the MQM in order to stop the message of the MQM from spreading in Pakistan, particularly in the Punjab. Negative propaganda was done to impede the progress of the MQM and spoil its struggle for empowering the poor and middle-class people.
He said that illegal raids were conducted at the homes of Aftakhar Akbar Randhawa and other MQM people in Punjab. They were arrested and subjected brutal torture in captivity for discrediting the MQM in the eyes of the people, but they could not stop the revolutionary message of the MQM from gaining popular support in Punjab.
He said that the large public meeting in Jahaniyan was indicative of the MQM that the message of the MQM was gaining acceptance in Punjab.
Speaking about the problems being faced by the people of Jahaniyan Mr Hussain said that Jahaniyan was neglected during the past 65 years. People were facing shortage of gas, electricity and water. Farmers were not being able to run tube wells due to long spells of load-shedding.
Mr Hussain said that no government in the past had done anything to solve the problems of the people of Jahaniyan. He promised that the MQM representatives would solve the problems of the people if the MQM got a chance to come in power. Jahaniyan will be put on the path of progress, and people would be made prosperous. Healthcare facilities would be made accessible to people, and better civic facilities would be provided to the people.
Mr Hussain said that the MQM was aware of the problems being faced by farmers. The MQM would give ownership rights to the farmers whenever an MQM government comes in power.
“We are aware of the feelings of deprivation of the people of southern Punjab. The MQM will make efforts to make a new province in southern Punjab. We will make schools, colleges and hospitals in Jahaniyan and the adjoining areas. The MQM wants to spread education in order to make Pakistan truly progressive and liberal according to the visions and dreams of its founding fathers Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.”
Mr Hussain asked the Co-ordination Committee of the MQM to start an ambulance service in Jahaniyan within two days. He also asked them to restore the fallen wall of a graveyard in Chak 112.
Mr Hussain said that the MQM was the only political party in the country that has broken the status quo by sending honest and educated people from poor and middle-class segments of the society to the assemblies.
Speaking about the discipline of the MQM, Mr Hussain said that the discipline of the MQM was recognized throughout the world. The MQM announced the names of 671 election candidates in one day but there was no disturbance and commotion.
Speaking about the religious minorities, Mr Hussain said that the MQM wanted to strengthen the concept of one nation by pulling down the discriminations and prejudices of religion, belief, language and region. “The MQM considers all non-Muslims as Pakistanis of equal status and respects their rights and places of worship.”
Mr Hussain said that the election offices of liberal and progressive political parties were being attacked in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan while right-wing parties had complete freedom to run their election campaign. Bomb explosions were done at an election office of the MQM in Karachi the other day in which three people died, and many others were wounded. The election office was situated in the close vicinity of the MQM Headquarters Nine Zero. The terrorists did not even spare innocent children.
Mr Hussain asked the people of Jahaniyan if they wanted their women to be confined to their homes. “Do you think that women should not have the right to get education or employment? Do you want girls’ schools to be bombed?”
Mr Hussain said that the elements bombing girls’ schools and lashing women in public were acting against the Islamic teachings. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said that daughters are a blessing from Allah. Both men and women have been enjoined by the religion to acquire knowledge.
“The Holy Quran clearly says that there is no compulsion in religion, but certain elements are tyrannizing innocent Muslims in the name of Islam.”
Mr Hussain said that the terrorists did not even spare the Data Darbar. “Where do they want to lead Pakistan?”
He urged the people to canvass votes for the MQM in their free time.
Mr Hussain urged on the intellectuals, journalists, columnists, anchor persons, and members of the civil society in Punjab to stop Pakistan from falling in the hands terrorists.
He asked the people to keep the unembellished history of the MQM spanning over 35 long years before them before casting their votes. “Don’t go for dreamy promises and empty slogans. Look at the selfless manner in which the MQM representatives have served the people.”
He also announced the names of the MQM candidates from Jahaniyan and other adjoining areas in the end of his address.

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