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MQM to emerge victorious in May 11 polls: Haq Parast candidates

MQM to emerge victorious in May 11 polls: Haq Parast candidates
 Posted on: 5/3/2013 1
Haq Parast candidates for National and Sindh assemblies from Sukkur declared on Friday that the MQM would emerge victorious in the May 11 polls and, thus the day would prove a last nail in the coffins of the country’s obsolete system.
Speaking at a big public meeting of MQM held at Sukkur’s Railway ground, the Haq Parast candidates for National and Sindh assemblies --- Munnawar Chohan, Zaheer Ahmed Korai, Salim Bandhani, Dr Noor Mohammad {Waseem Soomro}, Ahsan Malik and Rizwan Jagirani --- said that Haq Parasts people would get rid of the prevailing obsolete system just by stamping on kite, the election symbol of Haq Parast candidates, on the polling day.
They said that people of Sukkur had promised that would be presenting NA and provincial assemblies seats as a gift to the MQM chief Altaf Hussain and the time has now come to honour the commitment by rejecting the hereditary politics of wealthy people of Sukkur who, they added, did not do anything for the masses as they always remained busy in pocketing money.
Mentioning that the MQM was not a party of landlords, feudal lords and wealthy people, the Haq Parast candidates said that the time has come to change the destiny of the country and such a goal could achieved by casting votes in favour of Haq Parast candidates.
Referring to the record development works undertaken by former Nazim of Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal, the Haq Parast candidates from Sukkur said that since such a grand performance was a part of MQM manifesto, they would leave no stone unturned in carrying out rapid development works in Sukkur.
The public meeting was also addressed, among others, by MQM’s Sukkur Zone In-charge Qutubuddin and former Sindh Assembly Member, Ms Naheed Begum.

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