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The war on terror is our own war and not of USA, NATO and western countries: Altaf Hussain

The war on terror is our own war and not of USA, NATO and western countries: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/1/2013 1
It is our domestic problem and we will have to set it straight
Address to a huge election gathering in Hyderabad
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the ongoing war against terror was not the war of USA, the NATO forces, and western countries. “It is our war and Pakistani people are being killed and injured in this war. It is our internal problem, and we will have to set it right ourselves.”
He said this while addressing a huge election meeting in Pakka Qila Ground in Hyderabad.
He expressed sympathies on the killing of MQM election candidate Fakhrul Islam and two workers Nadeem Ajmeri and Manzoor Ahmed, who were shot dead a few days ago. He prayed for the martyrs and said that over 70 workers and sympathizers of the MQM had been killed during the past twelve days in various incidents of bomb blasts and targeted killings.
Mr Hussain said that political workers of liberal and moderate parties were also killed and injured in other provinces as well. He prayed for them and the speedy recovery of the injured.
Mr Hussain said, “The elements carrying out bomb blasts think that they would be able to frighten the MQM workers and general public into boycotting elections, but they seem oblivious of the fact that the MQM workers have been facing atrocities, violence and bloodshed and the worst kind of state operation for the past 35 years.”
“The MQM workers were subjected to brutal torture and killed in a barbaric manner. Many were killed extra-judicially in fake police encounters, and it was boastfully claimed by the oppressors that Altaf Hussain’s chapter has been closed but Allah so willed that their own chapters were closed.”
“Today, the MQM has nominated 671 candidates across Pakistan and there is no area from Karachi to Khyber where the MQM flags are not waving.”
Mr Hussain said that the liberal and progressive political parties of Pakistan had united against terrorism, violence and bloodshed while the outfits carrying out bomb attacks and political parties supporting or condoning these attacks have also come out in the open and united.
“These elections will be fought between liberal and progressive parties on the one side and conservative and extremist parties on the other side. The MQM, the PPP and the ANP have resolved by getting united under one roof that they would forget the misunderstandings of the past and not get intimidated by extremist parties wanting to enforce their own version of Islam.”
“The three parties are determined that they will not boycott elections and leave the field open for others to walk over. It has been decided that all liberal and progressive parties would make a concerted effort to fight these extremist parties.”
“Barbaric terrorists want to impose their own particular views on us at the point of gun and on the threats of bomb blasts. The terrorists are targeting the MQM, the PPP and the ANP and killing and injuring their workers. However, the leaders and workers of all three liberal and progressive parties remain undaunted.”
Mr Hussain asked, “How can the elections be called free and fair when particular parties are being attacked in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan? As against this, political parties in Punjab, who have been supporting elements behind bomb blasts, are free to run their election campaign.”
“Pre-poll rigging is being done, and innocent people were being killed and wounded. Where are the caretaker government and the election commission in present circumstances? Whose responsibility is  to provide security to the people?”
Referring to the address of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani on the occasion of the Martyrs Day, Mr Hussain said that the brave stance of the COAS had given a new hope to the people.
“The speech delivered by Gen Kayani has also dispelled doubts about the holding of general elections. The unequivocal stance taken by Gen Kayani should end the discussions about war on terror. This is our war and not the war of USA, the NATO forces or other western countries.”
Mr Hussain assured the armed forces that hundreds of thousands of MQM workers, and the liberal people of Pakistan were standing shoulder to shoulder with them. They would not refrain from giving any sacrifice and reach wherever their services were needed for the country.
“Thousands of offices and men of the armed forces laid down their lives in the war against terror but still some people say that it was the war of the United States and not of Pakistan.”
Mr Hussain said that Pakistan would not be given to the gun-wielding elements wanting to enforce their own narrow version of Islam. “The Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal were not jihadi. We want to change Pakistan into a country according to the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal, where everyone can live peacefully in an environment of brotherhood.”
“Whether Hindus, Sikhs or Christian, we consider them all Pakistanis of equal status. We recognize their rights and respect their places of worship.”
Mr Hussain said that the MQM leaders, office-bearers and workers were full of determination despite all terrorism. “It is our firm resolve that we will not give up our constitutional, legal and democratic rights under any condition. We will not surrender before terrorists and not let their supporters hijack our public mandate.”
Mr Hussain appealed to the people of Pakistan not to vote for any party that supports or condones terrorism under any excuse. He urged them to vote for liberal and progressive parties believing in human values.
Mr Hussain said that the MQM had been taking part in elections since 1987, but it had never sold its ticket in exchange of huge sums of money like other parties. The MQM always gave tickets to educated and capable people belonging to poor and middle-class segments of the society purely on merit. Altaf Hussain did not give tickets to his brothers and nephews but preferred the workers who had given sacrifices for the movement.
Mr Hussain said that the MQM was against the culture of dynastic politics, and it was working to uproot the feudal system. He appealed to the people of Pakistan that they had tested all parties, and they should now give the MQM a chance, and they would not be disappointed.
In the end Mr Hussain announced the name MQM candidates from Hyderabad and other adjoining areas. Syed Ghulam Shabbir Shah on NA – 210, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on NA – 219, Syed Wasim Hussain on NA – 220, Ghazi Salahuddin on NA – 221, Rao Muhammad Anwer on NA – 222, Muhammad Anwer on PS – 43, Ahsan Abro on PS – 44, Dilawar Qureshi Advocate on PS – 45, Rashid Khilji on PS – 46, Ali Ahmed Brohi on PS – 47, Zubair Ahmed Khan on PS – 48, Sabir Qaimkhani on PS – 49, and Aijaz Ali Panhwar on PS – 53.

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