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Altaf Hussain terms MQM Manifesto realistic and practicable

Altaf Hussain terms MQM Manifesto Realistic and Practicable
 Posted on: 4/1/2013 1
Terming Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Electoral Manifesto-2013 `realistic’ and `practicable’, the party’s chief Altaf Hussain said that the manifesto contained scientific and practicable solutions for progress, prosperity and stability of democracy in the country and basic problems being confronted by its people.
He urged intellectuals, columnists and journalists to offer their comments after a thorough study of the MQM Manifesto wherein solutions of the problems being faced by the people of the country who had been deprived of the rights had been presented.
This, he said, during his telephonic conversation with the members of MQM Coordination Committee and different departments at the party’s central secretariat in Azizabad.
Mr Hussain on this occasion also appealed to the country’s youth, students and people belonging to different walks to study the MQM’s Manifesto and when they will draw a parallel between the manifestos of MQM and other political and religious parties, they would come to know that the MQM’s manifesto has presented scientific and practical solutions for the progress and prosperity and stability of democracy in the country as well as for the basic problems of the people.
Felicitating the MQM Coordination Committee, all the departments’ office-bearers and workers and sympathizers for presenting the MQM’s Manifesto, Mr Hussain paid tributes to all members of MQM Manifesto Committee for their day and night efforts in preparing the manifesto.
On this occasion, the MQM chief also thanked lawyers’ community for their assistance in filling nomination forms of Haq Parast candidates.
He also expressed his gratitude to all the members of MQM’s Central Election Cell for their day and night work.  

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