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MQM organizes a candlelight vigil in Abbas Town in memory of the martyrs

MQM organizes a candlelight vigil in Abbas Town in memory of the martyrs
 Posted on: 3/10/2013

The fabric of religious harmony is being torn to pieces in Pakistan: Dr Farooq Sattar
In a remarkably impressive and organized, though sombre, show of solidarity with the victims of Abbas Town tragedy, Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) organized a candlelight vigil on Sunday evening at the very site of twin blasts that killed over fifty and injured over hundred innocent people.
Thousands turned up on MQM’s call – religious leaders, scholars, artists, writers, athletes, and MQM’s own leaders and workers.
Thousands of candles were lighted in reverence for the martyrs. Speaking on the occasion Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of MQM Dr Farooq Sattar said that the terrorists would not be able to move us away from our ideology by their terrorism.
Deputy Conveners of the Co-ordination Committee Anis Ahmed Qaimkhani, Senator Mrs Nasreen Jalil, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, other members of the committee, drama writer Fatima Surayya Bajia, and people belonging to different fields of life, including prominent artists, former players, writers, intellectuals and members of the MQM also attended the vigil.
Families of the martyrs were carrying the photos of their loved-ones who died in Abbas Town tragedy.
Dr Sattar said that the fabric of religious harmony was being torn to piece in Pakistan. He said that the country was being weakened by hatching vicious conspiracies against the people. He said that the government should openly accept its failure in protecting the people so that they may take steps for protecting their children.
Dr Sattar urged the government to provide full medical care for the treatment of the people wounded in the blast in Abbas Town. He said that the government should take effective steps to avert such incidents in the future.

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