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Three lawmakers injured in hand grenade attack by Taliban

Three lawmakers injured in hand grenade attack by Taliban
 Posted on: 11/21/2014
In the port city of Karachi today, Taliban attacked a membership drive camp of MQM, One of the largest liberal & progressive political party of Pakistan
According to initial reports 29 people including three lawmakers of MQM sustained injuries in the attack. ‘Three of our MPAs Mr.Muhammad  Hussain, Mr.Abdullah & Mr. Saifuddin Khalid are injured in the attack.’ Said Mr. Wasay Jalil, party spokesperson. MQM has remained target of religious extremist and banned organizations in past, since August 2010 three MQM lawmakers have been killed in similar attacks. Two months ago Taliban had issued death threats to the Party leadership and its lawmakers.
Taliban spokesman Ehsan Ullah Ehsan through a telephone call to a TV channel, claimed responsibility for the attack on MQM camp, ‘Today’s attack on MQM camp was carried out by us which is part of our ongoing campaign against  liberal political parties of Pakistan.’ While speaking on phone from London MQM chief, Mr.Altaf Hussain has appealed people to stay calm and continue struggle for a liberal & progressive Pakistan.
MQM is a party whose policies are closely aligned with global values. It also the only party to have highlighted the growing threat of ISIS in Pakistan. ‘If the said monster is not stopped, it would lead to absolute chaos and piles of corpses would be seen everywhere and world would forget the killings of millions of people in Rwanda’ Said Party Chief Mr.Altaf Hussain. MQM has grown into a genuinely national party, It is firmly opposed to both the Taliban and all forms of fanaticism and extremism.

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