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Need of New Provinces in Pakistan

 Posted on: 9/14/2013   Views:2632
While addressing a meeting of the Coordination Committee, founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain called upon the government to form new provinces in the country. In his address Mr. Hussain said that formation of new provinces will bring stability and prosperity to the country and will help to alleviate the sense of deprivation and promote the sense of equality amongst people of Pakistan. Mr. Altaf Hussain is the only political leader in Pakistan, who is an avid reader and keeps a close eye on the national and international politics. He keeps himself updated by following the news and developments around the world and thoroughly monitors print and electronic media. Mr. Hussain makes sure that the knowledge and understanding he gained through research and intellectual perception, is shared with the workers of MQM and the general public. There is hardly a political leader in Pakistan who performs this noble task of enlightening the common people and raising their aware on crucial issues. Mr. Altaf Hussain has repeatedly mentioned about the necessity of creating new provinces and administrative units in his addresses and statements in the past. It is due to his tireless efforts and philosophy that the obscure whispers of South Punjab province, Seraiki province and Hazara province have now been transformed in to loud demands that are now being debated in various social circles and forums including elected parliaments. Subject of new provinces could potentially receive some sort of criticism – which is the beauty of a healthy democratic society. This is why Mr. Altaf Hussain has urged the government to call All Parties Conference to discuss and debate about the formation of new provinces and administrative units. Moreover, he has also suggested that a consensual decision should be made in the larger interest of the country, after analysing the pros and cons of the very matter. We should pay attention to what Mr. Altaf Hussain, who is not only a philosopher, political theorist, but also a visionary popular leader with millions of followers including party workers and sympathisers and most importantly a true patriot, is trying to convey to the whole nation as a teacher. The proposition of Mr. Hussain should be evaluated, without any prejudice, in light of the current circumstances of the country, and must not be overlooked. MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has stated that “the entire world including the developed countries and those with veto powers are faced with uncertain economic situation, deteriorating law and order, poverty and dearth, unemployment at its peak, inept education and health facilities; and also uncertain military situation; are facing instability. Every region of the world fears Third World War. In such precarious times, non-developed country like Pakistan overburden with loans is faced with serious challenges and people at the helm of affairs must rise above linguistic, ethnic, cultural, regional, sectarian and other differences and formulate realistic policies for a durable existence, security and prosperity of the nation; even if they have to swallow the bitter pill”. Along with taking in to consideration Mr. Hussain’s farsighted idea, it should be investigated why the formation of new provinces has now become need of the hour. At partition, the population of Pakistan was roughly 30 million and there were 5 provinces. In 1971, we lost East Pakistan which reduced the number of provinces to 4. At present, population has now passed the 180 million mark. Our neighbouring country Afghanistan has a population of 30 million and is administratively divided into 34 provinces. Iran has a population of around 80 million and is comprised of 31 provinces. Malaysia’s population is approximately 30 million with 24 provinces. Due to inequitable treatment and unfair allocation of resources amongst provinces and communities, the ideology of one nation in Pakistan has been appallingly damaged. We, instead of being united as a Pakistani nation, are divided in to various ethnicities, tribes and sects. In light of the above, need to create more provinces in Pakistan is quite apparent and inevitable. By creating more provinces and administrative units, state of affairs could be run more efficiently and the sense of deprivation could be mitigated, which would result in a prosperous and developed Pakistan. In order to improve the governance, distribution of resources, and to restore the sense of equality amongst the people of Pakistan – all the suggestions should be welcomed and sincerely examined. Hence, the government of Pakistan Muslim League should call APC to start the debate on the subject of new provinces, so as to receive the concerns and feedback of all the political and religious parties on this issue. Mr. Altaf Hussain has proven yet again that he is a true patriot and a sincere leader with a clear vision for the future, by echoing the sentiments of the public and raising his voice for the under-privileged communities – his struggle for the deprived population is undoubtedly commendable.