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“Chicken Tikka Masala” in American style

 Posted on: 9/14/2013   Views:2894
“Chicken Tikka Masala” in American style By: Imbisat Mallick                                                   

Pakistani journalism is known for its quality to distort and exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers. This disease is very much contagious and it seems that after working few years in Pakistan, American journalist Declan Walsh of daily news paper New York Times has also become the victim of that infection. Declan’s latest article in New York Times surely made most of our Pakistani journalist who believed in yellow journalism proud but made millions of  people of Pakistan despondent, who had enough of those journalist mafia. The critique itself gives the impression that Declan hardly done any legwork in writing that sensitive article. More likely an article was delivered to Declan, and he just added his name on top of the piece. Pakistani nation particularly people of Karachi are so used to that kind of fabricated and fictitious stories in some Urdu news papers, thanks to local news paper Daily Ummat, but article of Declan Walsh appears to be the “Chicken Tikka Masala” in American style. Declan either had some unsettled favours from any of his Pakistani friend during stay of Pakistan or he received any remuneration, it’s just all square now after the publication of that article. Keeping in view that Declan’s thoughts and line of action are very much Pakistani, why on earth he was branded as persona non grata  and expelled from Pakistan in May 2013. One thing could be safe to say that the credibility of Declan is under sword now, as New York Times is an illustrious and credible news paper not a final year semester project of undergraduate student. The burning question is why Declan decided to associate his name with such article which is full of fictional material and no ground reality. If Declan carries on writing that kind of articles then he would surely soon emerges as Ibn-e- Safi of English literature. World soon might witness the competitor of Joanne Rowling of Harry Potter in the shape of Declan Walsh. Some how, it’s good news for kids that Declan has left journalism and now he has become fantasy story writer, kids could have another addition to their wish list at the festive session of Christmas.  The new talent of Declan Walsh also forced Daily Umaat administration to start publishing English version under the editorship of him. Jamaat-e-Islami and the US are so united when it comes to oppose MQM and Altaf Hussain, despite being so distant in the ideas and thoughts. The unification of Jamaat-e-Islami and the US as a team is an early indication that Taliban attacks on our security forces and innocent people might end soon.